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Come Join the CyclovaXC Women's Fitness Group!

Emalea Landgraf, daughter of legendary Birkie founder David Landgraf, is starting up a women's only fitness group in the St. Croix Valley. This is a TOTALLY FREE club with a focus on friendship, fitness and fun!  If you're a woman who is interested in meeting some great new people to go running, biking, or skiing with (or any other activity you can suggest), contact Emalea at: Emalea@cyclovaxc.com

This group will be appropriate for athletes of all levels, so whether you just want to lose a few pounds (in a way that doesn't involve the gym), or you are training for a college scholarship or to make the Olympic squad, this is the group for you.

Generally, activities will be scheduled to leave from the CyclovaXC retail store in St. Croix Falls, but there is still snow on the ground, so Emalea has planned her first activity at Trollhaugen in Dresser.  The schedule is as follows:

Thursday, March 8th:
6-6:30: Meet in the Trolhaugen ticketing area for a meet and greet.
6:30-7:30: Leisurely ski at Trollhollow  (please take note that although this is a free club, there is a $9 trail fee to ski at Trollhollow).

If you don't know how to ski, or you don't have any skis, simply contact Emalea and she will arrange for you to get a pair to try.

More activities will be posted as they become scheduled, but Emalea anticipates she will have at least one training day a week, and then one training day and a race day as the spring fun run schedule starts up.

Please contact Emalea as soon as possible: emalea@cyclovaxc.com

See you on the trails!

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  1. Emalea is a highly qualified, fired up individual who is great to spend time with. You can't help wanting to spend time working out with her by your side.