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Come Ride The Mammoth Gravel Classic On April 21st, 2012!

Come and ride the Mammoth Gravel Classic in St. Croix Falls, WI on April 21st!  This is going to be the most incredible, most ridiculous, most painful and most spectacular cycling event in the history of two wheels!

Why should you choose this event over any other entertainment choice for that weekend? Well, first of all it's FREE (Note: There is a $4 charge for a trail pass for the Gandy Dancer trail)!  That's right, this is an unsupported, powerhouse of a ride designed to give all participants an opportunity to see just how tough they really are.  CyclovaXC's Frank Lundeen designed a course which is sure to leave quite a few of you curled up in little, lycra-clad whimpering balls, cursing the day your parents took the training wheels off your first one speed scooter from the local dime store.

But for those of you who are willing and eager to endure 70 miles of knobby wheeled torment, this race is going to fulfill all your nightmares.  It's also going to feature the world premier of's Gravelle Photo Exhibit all day long at the shop.  You've probably seen David Gabrys images on the covers of some of your favorite cycling magazines, now come and witness the true, raw, beautiful power of his photos when they are amassed and presented together in a single, world conquering show!

Here's the schedule:

April 21st:
All Day:  That awesome Gravelle photo exhibit I just mentioned.
CyclovaXC opens at 8 AM for registration:  Yes, we said the race is free, but we want to look you in the eye, tell you how hard this event is going to be, and then make you sign a waiver (we're serious about this being a tough day folks...did I mention this is an UNSUPPORTED ride?).
9:30 AM: 70 mile ride leaves the shop (check out the course on  This is not a race, but you're welcome to form up in groups and hammer each other (I've tried to tell cyclists not to do that on occasion, and we all know they just go ahead and do it anyway).  For this ride we recommend a Mountain Bike, or perhaps a Cyclocross bike if you're a world champion Cyclocross bike handler.
9:35 AM:  35 mile ride leaves the shop (check out the course on  THIS IS NOT A RACE EITHER...(but again, you'll hammer each other so forget I said anything).  This will be out and back on the Gandy dancer trail, so a hybrid or road bike will work for you.
4:30 PM:  Joseph Meiser presents his Tour Divide Race experience on the CyclovaXC big screen.

Other events to be announced.

So, if I haven't scared you off, mark April 21 on your calendar and be prepared to hammer the gravel and have a blast in St. Croix Falls with the Woolly Bike Club and CyclovaXC!  For more information, click here!

Come for the ride, but stay for the whole weekend.  Interstate park is only a five minute walk from the CyclovaXC shop (showers, camping, and fun), or stay at the Wissahickon bed and breakfast (right on the course).  With all the great dining opportunities and the fun atmosphere of the weekend, we don't think you're going to want to leave!

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