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The Cowboy Themed Party at CyclovaXC

At some point I'm sure we're going to get all 30 or 40 of our CyclovaXC guys together, but for now, I'm pretty psyched to see four or five of them  together in one place.  This shot is from the 12 o'clock Saturday ride from the shop, and we actually had an evening ride that day with a couple more team members.  The long  and the short of it is, if you're in St. Croix Falls and want to go on a Bike ride, stop by CyclovaXC because somebody's sure to join you.  Here's pictures from the ride from the previous weekend.

We've also been having people swing through the shop who are on day rides up from the Twin Cities.  Apparently that is a pretty nice/challenging century with CyclovaXC at the convenient mid-point.  I sent one guy off with a packet of Cliff shot bloks and the assurance that I'd come and pick him up if the ride got too arduous.  He texted me later saying he made it, much to my relief.

On the late ride on Saturday, Jeff, Emalea, Mark and I went out on a "casual" ride on River Road that turned into a series of ridiculous sprints.  It ended up being the best ride I've been on in a long time.  As Jeff says, "there's just something about riding your bike that puts a smile on your face."

I like that our weekends in the St. Croix Valley are a mixture of training camp and partying.  We're serious when we say that you can come up and crash at the Clubhouse if you want to stick around all weekend and ride with us.  Or if you're not comfortable with that, you can tent it at Interstate park (just a 5 minute walk from CyclovaXC).

By the way, the only guy in the above photo who isn't wearing the CyclovaXC top is LONE WOLF, but I got him to buy one later that day.  Peer pressure rocks!  The sizing kits are going to be available for another week, so if you're interested in getting the CyclovaXC team kit, head into the shop and get your size, then email me:

In between all the rides, we kicked back for some good old fashioned partying.  We decided that it was a Cowboy themed weekend at the clubhouse, so a fair number of us had cowboy gear on.  I think this picture says it all:
Incidentally, those awesome CyclovaXC stickers are available for free at the shop (while supplies last).  They make your bike FASTER!!!

I got put on Pisco Sour mixing duties, which made it an international weekend.  My wife picked the music.  Remember ladies, she's going to be teaching a FREE salsa class a the shop on Thursday April 5th:
It wouldn't have been a cowboy night if some cards hadn't been played, so we hunkered down to some Poker as well.  If you're interested, swing on by!  I thought I'd give this photo an authentic look:
Nice scowl Jeff.

All that said, the clubhouse is closed for business for the weekend of March 30th and 31st, but we'll be back in gear starting Thursday April 5th all the way through until Sunday.  We've decided that the theme of that weekend will be "South American Revolutionary" so bring your mismatched camouflage!  Again, you're welcome to come even if you're not in costume, but we'll probably be demanding you run to the fridge and get us beers, do push-ups, etc.  (Lone wolf will be there I'm sure).

So, if you're ready for a weekend of training, dancing, more training, and ridiculous fun, circle the map and wrangle up your amigos because nobody hits it harder than CyclovaXC!

Oh, and if you need a bike or something, stop by the shop too!

Remember, get in there to try on the running and cycling sizing kit, I want to get those orders in soon so those poor souls who haven't gotten their jerseys yet don't have to keep feeling like outsiders!

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