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CyclovaXC Women's Group Activity For March 22nd

Hey Folks,

Emalea's women's group is gathering steam!  They're already on their 3rd activity and there seem to be a few new people each time!

On Thursday, March 22nd, the women's group will be meeting at the shop rain or shine!  My wife Zulma is going to be there to talk about the possibility of doing some Salsa/Latin Rhythms/Zumba style workouts in the store, and then she's going to join you on the night's activity.

The activity is a hike/run from the shop down to Interstate park.  Once there, you will hike the Pot Hole trail, and, for the bold, a few hill repeats.  Don't frown, hill repeats can be extremely fun and rewarding if you are with the right gals.  It's also a workout that brings about tremendous physical gains in a very short amount of time.

Meet at the CyclovaXC shop at 6:  Group social and recipe exchange.  Emalea would like you all to bring three copies of your favorite dessert recipe to share!
6:30: Leave for the Pot Hole trail

It's going to be another fun night, bring your friends!

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