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CyclovaXC Women's Group Trail Run/Hike Thursday at 6 PM!

Hey Everyone!

Emalea has another activity planned for her fitness group this Thursday at 6PM.  For those of you who don't know, Emalea is putting together a FREE fitness club for women of the St. Croix Valley.  She'll be regularly scheduling events for Thursdays at 6, so if you're interested in meeting new people, getting in shape, and having a great time, make sure you get in touch with Emalea at: emalea@cyclovaxc.com.

Here are the details for the event on Thursday, March 15th:

6:00: meet at CyclovaXC
6:30: depart for a hike at Lion's park just north of town. BRING old shoes it may be muddy BUT it will be beautiful. For a full body work bring your trekking poles
7:30: regroup for a photo shoot

Have a great time!

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