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Don't Forget to Put Storage Wax On!

This isn't a particularly good picture, but it illustrates a point.  At the end of the ski season, I talked with a guy who wanted a ski lesson.  I needed to provide some skis, so I dug out a pair of old Alpina skis that I own that I haven't skied on in about 15 years.

Before I'd put them in storage, however, I'd hit them with a solid layer of storage wax.  For storage wax you can just take an inexpensive warm weather wax and put on a thick layer.

At first glance, these 15 year old Alpinas looked like they were in rough shape.  The storage wax had oxidized, and there seemed to be a white film over the ski (you can kind of see that in the above image).

However, all I had to do was scrape and brush to reveal a perfectly protected ski base.  Over the years, the storage wax had been largely absorbed by the ski (which is good for the base) and the outer layer of storage wax had provided the perfect protection.

The point of all this is that it really does make sense to take that last fifteen minutes and apply a layer of storage wax to your skis.  After all, it doesn't make sense to invest thousands of dollars in ski equipment, and not go that last yard and spend that last five bucks to ensure your equipment will be ready to go the second the snow falls next winter!

So break out your iron one last time, throw on your storage wax, and then put some air in your tires!  We'll be doing a casual CyclovaXC ride out of the shop Saturday at about noon, and I'm going to ASK everyone if they've put storage wax on so you better be able to say YES!

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