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Epic CyclovaXC St. Patrick's Day Weekend

We're still a new shop, so in some ways we're still finding our groove. But we've been a team/club for a couple years now, and if there's one thing CyclovaXC has DOWN PAT it's how to party.  The fact that it was St. Patrick's day inspired us, and we threw down pretty well, but only after we did our time on the road. Folks, it's just not fun to relax and party unless you've done some massive physical effort that day!

This ridiculously beautiful March weather has been inspiring us, and in the above photo you can see the turn-out from the group ride that left the shop on Saturday morning.  On the road, we met the famous Tommy K, who was muscling it out there on a mountain bike because otherwise the road melts from his combination of power and speed (those two things together produce HEAT).  As usual, the first group ride wasn't without drama, a flat split our group, but fortunately there were enough CyclovaXC people there to get everybody back to the starting point.  Also, I'd advertised a casual ride, but that young guy casually leaning against the wall in the above picture turned out to be a BEAST of a rider.  He was super polite, but when you're as superior an athlete as that guy was you leave everybody else choking on their tongue as you casually spin along.  Respect!  We need to get him on a mountain bike next time he comes to train with mere mortals like us.

After the ride, our standard plan of operations is to head on down to Emalea's house in Osceola for games, beverages, music and awesomeness.  More and more the word is getting out and one of our boys came by in his awesome, home-made rusted hot-rod.  This thing is beautiful, check it out:
Apparently the rule is when you build something like this you have to use as much rusted out junk as possible. The second you start polishing it up you FAIL!  The result is an inexpensive machine that turns heads!  I told him he needed to throw a ski rack on that bad boy and bring it up to the Birkie.  We need to throw a CyclovaXC sticker on there.  Team car!

Look how he bolted his bike to the back:
Meanwhile, Sofia found herself trucking around the yard.  Greg's description of her is "a little ball of awesome" I concur:
A fierce game of bean bag broke out.  Jeff and I hit game winning shots and we just had to be extremely obnoxious about it.  I believe the only three points I scored the whole night was on my game winner, but that didn't stop me on a long tirade about my own awesomeness.
Oh, the other guy that deserves serious props this weekend was THE MACHINE!!!  He spent the whole night making sure everybody's glass was full.  I repaid him the next day completely ineffectively with a small chocolate shake.  Don't worry Machine, you've got more considerations coming!

At the end of the night, Sofia had had enough.  Sometimes you just have to plop down on the couch with your bottle.  Jeff did the same, he couldn't even make it through my inappropriate movie selection (Crank 2).
All in all, I'm pretty sure St. Patrick was looking down on us and saying, "THAT'S the way you celebrate MY day!"

The best news of all is that I think the training weekend/rockin' party is set to roll into the St. Croix valley again this upcoming weekend.  So if you have some silly plans to attend a concert in the Twin Cities or something, you might just want to cancel those and come party with us.  We're erecting statues to the gods people!  We're making the pillars of heaven quake!  See you at CyclovaXC or at the clubhouse...

...oh, word to the wise, this weekend, it's a Cowboy motif.  We're referring to the clubhouse as "The Ranch" and everybody has to come in cowboy gear.  If you're not wearing cowboy gear...that's're still welcome...but if somebody who IS dressed in cowboy gear yells "PUSH-UPS" you have to drop and do five push ups. Hey...I don't make the rules.  See you at the RANCH, bring a can of AWESOME!

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