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Interested in Joining a Woman's CyclovaXC MN MS150 ride?

Just before the Birkie, I received an email from Kimberly Kaiser about forming a women's team for the MS 150 ride from June 8th to the 10th (I would have posted something about it before, but you know how crazy it gets during the Birkie).  If any of you are interested in doing this ride with Kimberly, please contact her at: Kaball_2000@yahoo.com

Emalea is also talking about doing some women only rides and runs from the shop (which goes hand in hand with this), so if you're interested in that, contact Emalea at:

Those of you interested in doing the MS 150 ride should think about getting in on our team gear reorder (I'll be posting about that soon).  We offer a women's specific jersey, and I believe there might be one or two left at the shop for you to try on.

See you on the road!

For more information about the MS 150 ride, click here.

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