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The Sizing Kit is IN for the CyclovaXC Running Singlet and Shorts

Hello Everyone!

I just want to let you know that we've received our sizing kit for our running singlet and shorts.  I strongly encourage you to swing by the shop and try one on if you're interested in ordering a running kit.  Not only will this tell you your size, it will also give you an idea as to how nice these running singlets are.

Again, we are offering both MEN'S and WOMEN'S fits (the style is the same).  The PRE-ORDER price will be:

Singlet: $45
Shorts: $50

You can order ONLY A SINGLET or ONLY SHORTS if you prefer.

After the pre-order period, the price goes up $10 on both items.

I find that these singlets fit very small.  For example, I'm an XL in the ski suit, but a 3XL in the singlet, so PLEASE come in and try them on to ensure a good fit at the best price!

See you soon!

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