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Ski Like Landgraf Throughout the World: Grand Canyon

Uncle A.J. Sent us this photo of himself at the Grand Canyon sporting the "Ski Like Landgraf!" hat.  I think this is awesome and I'd love it if our readers would start sending in pictures of themselves wearing the Landgraf hat at various places throughout the world!  We already have a bunch of pictures of people wearing the hat at the Birkie!

I tell you what, I'm going to get some photos of me and some teammates sporting the Landgraf hat in Choquequirao and Machu Picchu, but I'll leave it up to you to get some other awesome shots!  Here are some ideas:

Landgraf hat at the Louve
Landgraf hat at the Eiffel tower
Landgraf hat at the Parthenon
Landgraf hat at the Pyramids
Landgraf hat at Niagra Falls
Landgraf hat at the fishing hall of fame (somehow, I think that one will trickle in sooner than the others)

By the way, thanks everybody for the great Birkie shots you've been sending me!  Keep 'em coming!

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