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Beat High Gas Prices With a Bicycle!

This is what it costs me to fill up my 99 Subaru Sport!  Seriously?  50$!  It's almost getting to the point where you make about $15 an hour for riding your bicycle!

We had a guy in the store the other day who was kind of lamenting the high start-up cost of getting into the whole biking lifestyle.  Sure, like any initial investment, it stings a bit.  But with gas prices hovering around $4 a gallon, you're pretty much guaranteed to earn your money back in gas savings over the course of a summer.  The great thing is, that's just the straight gas savings to bicycle cost ratio and it completely leaves out the gains in fun and fitness you get from actually riding your bike!

I tell you what though, it's easy to hate oil companies.  Like the phone company, they're one of those institutions that can pretty much call all the shots and leave no recourse to you.  Sure, there's the "appearance" of competition, but the day I see a gas station selling gas at 35 cents a gallon when everyone else is hovering at 4 dollars, then I'll believe that a competitive gas market even exists.  

But friends, you can get them back by refusing to buy their product!  Bicycles folks!  Sure, big oil isn't quaking in their boots at the thought of the whole world riding bicycles, but that's in our favor!  It keeps us under the radar.  There are plenty of fools out there spending thousands of dollars yearly to keep their vehicles running.  We, the fortunate few who ride bikes, have the system beat!

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