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Birkie Registration Starts Today!

As I look out my window on this fine April 16th, I see great, white snowflakes blowing by.  What a strange year of weather we've had!  Not a flake of snow all winter, then blistering 80 degree days in March, followed by snow in April.  Go figure.

However, this snowstorm is appropriate in one sense at least, since today is the first day to register for the 40th annual American Birkebeiner.

Now look, every year I end up having some sympathetic talk with a CyclovaXC skier who has "forgotten" to register for the Birkie.  REMEMBER that it's not like the old days anymore when you could register right up to the night before the race.  They CLOSE registration now, and it's ridiculous, like three months before the event.

So REGISTER NOW, and this year, if you come up to me all sheepish and say, "oh, I forgot to register," I'm not giving you ANY sympathy.  In fact, I'm likely to slap you across the face.  So register now!

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