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CyclovaXC All Over the Cover of Birch Scroll

Hey, this is awesome!  Have you seen this?

First of all, check out the way Edling just dominates the cover of Birch Scroll!  Lest anyone grow concerned, he did indeed have his bib on under his vest (he had to peel it open for the finish).  Right behind Edling is Duane, and I'm not sure who the third guy is.

There are also two more CyclovaXC suits visible in the background and a plethora of hats.  I circled the most obvious ones (you can see them easier by using the above image as a guide and referencing your copy of Birch Scroll).

Honestly, I think there are a lot more hats than I even circled, I tried to keep it to the ones I was absolutely sure were "Ski Like Landgraf!" hats!

Tremendous turn-out folks!  A truly fitting tribute!

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