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CyclovaXC Sleeveless Jersey

Hey Folks,

I've had quite a few people request a CyclovaXC sleeveless jersey, so I had Mt. Borah put one together for us.  It's the same basic design as the regular jersey as you can see (with the new Woolly Logo on the left back pocket).

I went ahead and ordered some upgrades on this jersey just like with the standard jersey.  This will have a full-length zipper, and micro-grid fabric, as well as a reflective panel on the pockets.  I think that last one is especially important to ensure the safety of our riders.

The price will be $85.  If you want one of these, please send your size to

Note: the general consensus is that you shouldn't do road races with sleeveless jerseys since you tear your shoulder up if you should happen to be involved in a crash.  These jerseys will be great for mountain biking and training however.

Also, the order is in for the regular jerseys and we should have those by May 25th.

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