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Happy Easter! Ladies' Sizing Kit is IN at CyclovaXC

Hey Folks!

I hope all of you have an Easter Holiday coming up!  My wife gets a three day weekend, so that is allowing us to head over to St. Croix Tonight.  As you know, tonight is the women's fitness group Latin dance night, which is going to be a blast (activities begin at the shop at 6)!

Per usual, the clubhouse is going to be open all weekend, so those of you who want to head up to St. Croix for a training/partying weekend, you have a place to crash.  I'm guessing we'll do a group ride from the shop on Saturday at about 12, and probably a ride from the shop on Sunday (we'll be closed on Sunday so that gives us all day to ride).  Two weekends ago, Emalea, Mark, Jeff and I went on the best ride I've been on in years.

Also, Mt. Borah finally shipped us the women's sizing kit for the CyclovaXC team cycling jersey!  Sorry for the delay on that, but this nice weather has been hammering Mt. Borah (everybody's getting in their jersey orders early).  If you're a lady who wants to pre-order one of our team jerseys, stop by the shop tonight (prior to the Latin dance night would be a great time) and get your size, then leave your information with Emalea so we can put you on our list!

As always, you can check our Facebook page, or leave a comment here for last minute developments.  Hope to see each and every one of you on the bike or on the trails this weekend up at St. Croix Falls!  Happy Easter!

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