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Mammoth Gravel Classic - St. Croix Falls, WI - Saturday, April 21, 2012

The time is drawing near for the Mammoth Gravel Classic - and the many other events that we have planned for this weekend!  We see this event as a festival celebrating the exploding niche of Gravel Cycling!

There will be something at this day long event for everyone - from seasoned racers, to people intrigued by exploring the road less traveled, to fans of world class photography, to folks who want to hear a first hand account of one of the planet's greatest adventures (the Tour Divide Race).  One thing is for sure, you need to plan on spending Saturday, April 21 (and maybe spend the night) in St. Croix Falls!  For the latest breaking news on all of these events, and to RSVP, check out the Facebook Event Page!

Following are the details on our schedule of events for Saturday, April 21, 2012:

8:00AM:  Cyclova XC bike shop in downtown St. Croix Falls opens.  Here, riders doing the 70 or 35 mile rides will sign the event waiver, as well as purchase their $5 Gandy Dancer Trail day pass (or annual pass).  Route maps will be available for these unsupported rides.  The shop opening will also provide the first glimpse at the premier of's photography exhibit titled, "Gravelle".
9:30AM:  The 70 mile ride will roll out from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  This multi-surface course will be roughly 50% pavement, 25% gravel & sand, and 25% packed limestone.  Sections of the course are very soft loose sand, so mountain bikes are recommended for most - cyclo cross bikes for expert bike handlers - and note that we DO NOT recommend anyone attempt to ride this course with a road bike.  Stay tuned for a post in the coming week with full details on this epic course - featuring roads that likely have never been traveled by bicycle (and rarely by automobile) - until recently.  While this this is a relatively flat course, it will surprise the heartiest gravel enthusiast - this is a difficult course, particularly from about mile number 17 through 25.
9:35AM:  The 35 mile ride will roll out from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  This beautiful course will gently climb out of the river valley to the Gandy Dancer State Bike trail - a beautiful packed limestone bicycle trail.  This surface is ideal for nearly any type of bicycle (skinny or fat tires).
Lunch/Dinner:  The Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC has a Mammoth Gravel Glassic special for us that is certain to please (they always do) and fill the hungriest of cyclists!  This special includes a 1/2 lb local beef burger with choice of toppings, garlic/herby baby red potato salad, and a Finnegan's Irish Ale for $8 - each person to sign the event waiver will be given a coupon for this special offer!  There are also numerous other Winery, Indian, Coffee Shop, and other food options available within a stone's throw of Cyclova XC and the event finish.  
4:30PM:  Door prize drawing for a wide variety of fabulous swag for Mammoth Gravel Classic particpants.  Free swag at a free event!  You must be present to win!
4:45PM:  David Gabrys of presents the inspiration and meaning behind his "Gravelle" exhibit.  This will happen inside Cyclova XC, on the Cyclova XC big screen.
5:00PM:  Joseph Meiser presents his "Tour Divide Race" experience at the Cyclova XC big screen.  Joe will begin by showing a 15 minute video, including hundreds of photos and video clips from his 2009 assault on the event.  Joe will then talk about his preparation for the event, the trials he experienced during it, and the equipment that he used.  To finish this off, he will show us the actual bike he used in this event, with the minimalist ultra-light gear loaded into the bags.  The Tour Divide Race has been made famous by the film "Ride the Divide".  For more on Joe's experiences in this event, see past posts HERE and HERE.  
7:30PM:  While not officially associated with the Woolly Gravel Classic, we have a very special evening happening in town at the famous Festival Theater in St. Croix Falls!  Dan Chouinard and special guest Peter Ostroushko will celebrate Earth Day by embarking on one of their famous musical story telling sessions - as heard regularly on Minnesota Public Radio, and A Prairie Home Companion.  This and more for the very low price of $15 at the Festival Theater!
9:00PM:  The Wineries & Grille, across the street from Cyclova XC will also have a Comedy & Dinner Show at 9PM.  This will be a full on 4 course dinner with admittance to the comedy show for $30!  Pre-Paid reservations only!
Evening:  We encourage you to stay the evening and stay the night in beautiful St. Croix Falls!  There are numerous very convenient lodging options:
  • Wisconsin Interstate Park:  Wisconsin Interstate Park's beautiful North Campground is literally within a 5 - 10 minute walk of downtown St. Croix Falls.  Just think - one of the globe's greatest rivers, nature, fine dining, world class entertainment, and a bicycle festival all wrapped up into one!  Beautiful sights on the ridge overlooking the river!
  • Minnesota Interstate Park:  Minnesota's Interstate Park is located just across the river, with the campground being a 10 minute bike ride or 5 minute drive from downtown St. Croix Falls.  Beautiful sites right on the river!
  • Wissahickon Bed & Breakfast:  Located right on the Mammoth Gravel Classic Course, about a 5 minute drive from downtown St. Croix Falls or a 15 minute bike ride away (up the big river valley hill from downtown).
  • Other hotel options
Sunday @ 10AM:  A mountain bike ride will roll out from Cyclova XC to ride the St. Croix Falls Woolly Trail Race Loop - which will be the final race of the Minnesota Series this year!

See you at the Mammoth Gravel Classic!

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