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Woolly Mammoth Gravel Wrap Up!

126 intrepid souls made their way to beautiful St. Croix Falls for the Mammoth Gravel Classic!  It was an epic day on a chilly (but not uncomfortable) morning that got topped off with just enough rain to dial up the pain for those that were feeling it!  As the day wore on, more and more smiling, dirt-covered faces came trickling in to CyclovaXC, which makes me think that the course must have been too easy and we'll have to crank it up a notch for next year (100 miles anyone?).

I snapped a couple photos at the start, but the best photos of the day were taking by you the riders.  As you know, the Woolly Mt. Bike club was encouraging photos, and their twitter page (you should be following this) is currently flooded with great images.  Check them out!

Here are the shots I managed to grab:
Pretty intense game face for a "non-race" (but like I said here, if Frank Lundeen is in the event, it's just not going to be a casual ride).
Our swag table!  Get it in your head that St. Croix Falls has the best swag for their events (Ok, I admit, the Salsa Vaya in the background wasn't part of the raffle).
Woolly unveiled their new club jersey.  Remember, follow them!
Emalea expressing the overriding sentiment of the day!

That's it folks!  Remember, you can utterly escape the chaos of the city by driving a quick 40 minutes to St. Croix Falls.  That route is always going to be there and you can easily add another 40 or 50 miles to it (or subtract that much, depending on your level of sanity).

We hope to see you all again soon!  Thanks for riding the Woolly Mammoth Gravel EPIC classic!


  1. Thanks again! Was a great ride, even with the 6 bonus miles we added due to a missed turn!

  2. Wow, I missed a great ride. Been hearing about it all day today at the practice. I heard EPIC ride a couple times. Way to go Frank!!

  3. Awesome event - PLEASE do it again next year! I think there was well over 126 - at least 150. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to register and know of a bunch of other folks who didn't know to stop at your shop and sign the waiver / get a trail pass.

  4. Thank.s for the pics and the post Ben! It was a pleasure to work with Cyclova XC on this event. Cheers to more fun events in the future.

    Mark Fisk

  5. It was an awesome ride and I'll definitely come back and do it again (but might start without the big hill at the beginning next time). Thank you!!!

    -S Fish