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The 2012 Order of CyclovaXC Bike Jerseys and Shorts are IN!

Here's Emalea modeling the new CyclovaXC team jerseys.  As you can see, it says "Bike Like Landgraf!" along the side (guaranteed to give you some Landgraf power...all you have to do is ride with Emalea sometime and you'll know what we're talking about).

In the image on the right, you can see Frank modeling the jersey as well.  In that picture, you can see the Woolly Mt. Bike logo displayed prominently on the right shoulder.  Remember that the Woolly club is also doing a jersey order and some of the proceeds are going to their trail creation efforts, so we highly encourage you to pick one up (click here for more information).

Speaking of Woolly, they are looking for volunteers to help do some trail work on June second.  Check their Facebook page for details (the itinerary is in the Timeline photo at the top).

One last thing about our awesome new jersey.  We decided to save some lives and put a reflective fabric across the back.  Check out the picture below to see how effective it is!  For those of you who pre-ordered, your kits are waiting.  For the rest of you, there are a limited number of extras, but they're going to go fast (CyclovaXC team gear never stays around the shop all that long).

The next order of stuff (sleeveless jerseys and wind jackets) will be in on June 8th.  Cheers!

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