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BIKE TECH: 2012 Trek Madone 3.1

The 2012 Trek Madone 3.1 is a featured model at Cyclova XC - for very good reason!

At Cyclova XC, a whole lot of thought goes into which bikes we choose to stock. Bikes just keep on getting better and better - and dropping in price due to trickle down technology.  In short, it's an exciting time in the bicycle industry!

The Trek Madone 3.1 (Apex) is perhaps the best example in our store of the amazing effects of this trickle down technology!  While this is Trek's entry level OCLV Carbon road bike, it literally rivals the performance of any bike that Lance won the Tour de France on!  This all at a price of $2089.99!

Let's get into some tech details:

Frame Set:  The Madone 3.1 uses Trek's new 300 Series OCLV Carbon, utilizing the same tube shaping as the top of the line 6 Series Frames.  300 Series OCLV carbon is a very light, stiff, and comfortable riding material that will leave you smiling at the top of a climb or after an all day ride.  

Trek also utilizes what I call system integration technology - meaning that the Bontrager Race fork and head tapered/integrated headset are specifically designed to be used with this frame.  The same can be said for the integrated BB86.5 bottom bracket - which utilizes serviceable cartridge bearings that are pressed into the frame - rather than a generic bottom bracket off of the shelf.

In short - this is the technology that Lance was dreaming of back when he was winning the Tour!

Component Group:  We have made a conscious decision to stock bikes that are spec'ed with SRAM components when ever possible.  SRAM is a Chicago based company whose products exceed the performance of their competitors, offer greater value, have a great warranty, and are a pleasure to work with.  Just think, Trek is based in Wisconsin - and SRAM is based in Chicago!  How's that for supporting our local economy?

The Madone 3.1 Apex is spec'ed with SRAM's amazing "Apex" group.  This is SRAM's entry level road grouppo, but don't let that fool you.  Apex offers most of the performance benefits of the top end SRAM product at a fraction of the price.  

SRAM Apex Dual Tap brake/shift levers work like a dream.  They put you in control of your gearing and brake systems with absolute precision.  If you've never tried the SRAM Dual Tap system, come on in for a test ride!

Trek has chosen a great gearing combination on this bike, with SRAM's Apex Compact Crankset (34/50 chain rings) and SRAM's Apex 11-32 Cassette.  This gearing combination yeilds a gear range almost equal to a road triple drive train, with much greater shifting precision.  Compact gearing really is a game changer with road bikes - come on in and check it out!

Supporting Bits:  As usual, Trek has spec'ed the remaining parts of the bike with their own "Bontrager" branded items.  This includes the Bontrager Race stem, bars, and seat post - along with amazing new Affinity road saddle!  The Bontrager Approved alloy hubs and rims are a great all around wheel set, capable of everything from racing to light touring.

Other Neat Details:  This bike is packed full of neat details, that often go missed.  

To start off with, Trek specs this bike with their "Speed Trap" compatible fork.  This allows you to put a wireless computer sensor right in to the fork leg, rather than zip tying something on - allowing for a clean sleek look.  

While this looks and rides like a race bike, this also has some practical features built in such as rear rack compatibility, as well as front & rear fender compatibility.  These critical details ensure that the Madone 3.1 is equally at home on the race course, as it is commuting to and from work!

Come on in to Cyclova XC for a free test ride today - and to experience the latest in bike technolgoy professionally fit to your body!

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