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Jeff Dominates Saturday Ride!

We had a nice ride on Saturday morning from the shop at 9 AM this Saturday.  I didn't put on the full blitz of CyclovaXC promotion for it though, it was just one of those "spontaneous rides" where a couple people happened to be there.  

Actually, I'm liking the Saturday morning ride concept though because it allows you to get your hours in before you stand around at work all day (er...I mean work our fingers to the bone like mad men).  Maybe we'll make a habit of these Saturday morning 9 AM rides, so if you're within 100 miles of CyclovaXC at 8, and you have a fast car, you should BE HERE for them!

Well, our casual ride down River Road turned into a sprint fest as Jeff continually hammered like he was trying to win a stage in the Tour de France.  All while casually talking up a storm and displaying not the slightest shortness of breath.  Finally, I had to just sit up and say, "OK LET'S CHILL FOR A WHILE" and Jeff relaxed just long enough for us to group back up with him before diving forward into his aero bars and hammering it again.  He jut got jumpy if we went under 20 mph.

However, Jeff's only weakness is that he hasn't spent a huge amount of time in pack races, so we were able to hit him tactically a couple times.  I think it was Ben (on the right) that came strolling into town all by himself as the rest of the group sputtered and cursed in the jet stream coming off his tires (those that were close enough to him at that point...not me).

Fun ride.

Next time, we're doing this River Road loop as a sprint race.  Designated sprint points are the Stop Ahead signs, plus one more road sign to be determined on the outskirts of St. Croix Falls.  We'll keep you posted!

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