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More Fun, Epic Rides in the St. Croix Valley

It was another great weekend of riding in St. Croix falls.  On Saturday we managed to dodge the raindrops and ride from Osceola to the Cafe Wren (in Luck), and back.  This is a great 50 mile ride including 30 miles on the Gandy dancer trail.

I was experimenting with a Vivitar bike camera that I bought at K-mart for $20.  A lot of the video is a little wobbly (maybe I'll upload some of that later), but you can grab decent enough shots for the day.  The camera kills some of my handlebar riding positions though, so I don't know how much use it will get.  I might revert back to my initial plan and just clip it to my jersey zipper and grab the occasional shot with it during breaks. 

Folks, seriously, put St. Croix falls on the's where the good riding is!
 Cafe Wren...a great destination point for a ride.
 Jeff regretting what he drank on Friday night.
 Going down S (awesome road out of Osceola).
 Mitch and Frank saluting the camera.
Mostly ineffective free special effects on Windows media player.

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