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The Salsa Mukluk Continues to Impress!

Well, I was just at the shop today messing around with a funky lens on my camera, and I ended up with the above shot of the Salsa Mukluk that pretty much lives in front of our store.  If you ever swing by, you're likely to encounter this bike at the center of a buzzing throng of people saying things like:

"LOOK at those tires!"

"What are those tires for!"

"Actually...what's that whole BIKE for?"

My friends, this bike has one purpose and one purpose IMPRESS and INTIMIDATE everyone who looks at it!  It's the MONSTER TRUCK of bicycles!  And despite the fact that those wheels are GINORMOUS, the thing rolls like a dream (go on a ride with Frank sometime while he's riding his Mukluk and see if you can keep up).

Actually, this bike is available for anyone to ride, so swing on by and give it a roll around the neighborhood (Disclaimer: CyclovaXC is not responsible for any cars, buildings, bulldozers, or other bikes you might destroy while riding our demo Mukluk).

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