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Sizing Kit In for Wind Jacket and Sleeveless Jersey (Sort of)


We've been having an endless delay with Mt. Borah because they haven't been able to get us a sizing kit for their wind jacket.  I talked to Kimberly who was very apologetic, and managed to dig up a size M and L (I believe) for us to take a look at.

For those of you who are still on the fence about the Wind Jacket, you can now head to the shop and have a look at a sample product.  They don't have a complete rendering graphic for us on the Wind Jackets, but you can see from the above proof that it's going to be similar in design to the running singlet (but with sleeves).  

This should be a great item for cooler mornings because this jacket can be rolled up into a small enough bundle that you can stick it in your jersey pocket.  I also think this jacket is going to have a lot of use as a piece of ski training apparel. 

The price is $100, and I intend to put in the orders on Sunday or Monday, so please come in and check it out this weekend!

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  1. Hey, thank you for the sizing pattern! I am on it right now :)

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