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Women's Fitness Group Activity for May 17th

Sofia and Emalea Enjoying a Casual Bike Ride
Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, May 17th:

Multi event evening !! Ladies we are going to work all muscle groups tomorrow evening!! Social hour 6pm - 6:30pm IMPORTANT think of one physical or spiritual goal you would like to complete by July 4th. That will give us all about a month in a half to work towards a positive / rewarding goal. Think BIG or small but think of something that will benefit you !!!

6:30 pm depart on BIKE. We will be biking from the shop into Interstate Park on the WI side. We will do a bike tour of the park and then we go a hike. Don't worry I will bring a bike lock to keep our favorite toys together. SOUNDS FUN, I know !!! Can't wait to see you ALL

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  1. Biking is a wonderful idea for a event! i'm fond of my bicycle also and I even use it to get to my office and back to home :) BTW, I've read some info about protein shakes for women and I would like to ask if anyone here tried something similar. It says that some proteins can bring additional strength during the physical exercises like biking and I'm interested if that's really so.

    P.S. looking for a post with the results of achieving your goals on July 4 :)