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Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, May 31st (hiking or running)

Hello everyone, this is a rescheduling of last week's women's fitness group event which got cancelled due to poor weather.


Over the river and through the woods to Interstate Park we go!  We are headed to Minnesota tomorrow.    We will be exploring  Minnesota Interstate Park just south of Taylor Falls.  This activity is a hiking or running or a little of both (so don't be fooled by the cycling picture above:).  That is yet another reason that this group is so AWESOME you choose your own speed, but YOU always start and end with the group!!  Remember rain or shine and if it is REALLY raining there are a couple of nice restaurants near by :)

And those of you that didn't make it last week no worries your GOAL sheet is still waiting to be filled out:)  My personal goal is to ride 80 miles in one day before July 4, 2012. . .  I added this part today it can't be ALL on the Gandy hills MUST be part of the ride.  

Can't wait to see you all, remember we are always inviting new gals!!

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