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Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, May 3rd

Hello Ladies,

Emalea is rallying the girls once again for another great Women's fitness group activity.  The weather has been awesome lately, and it's time to get out there and see how fun biking can be (there's nobody better to show you than Emalea)!  --those last few phrases rhymed by the way.

Here's Emalea's planl:

Ladies!  Biking season has finally arrived! It is time to dust off the tires and ride like the wind. The plan for tackling the tires is to leave the shop at 6:30 and head to the Gandy Dancer trail. Don't have a trail pass yet, NO WORRIES you can purchase a day ($4) or seasonal pass ($20) at the shop. If you don't have a bike just email me and I will try my best to find a bike for you! The Gandy is perfect for ANY type of bike. A unicycle might be tough, but I am always open to new ideas.

Look forward to seeing you ALL. Remember rain or shine WE are TOUGH CHICKS

See you on Thursday!  And remember that Zulma is doing another Latin Dance night on May 10th so clear your calendars!

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