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Woolly Mountain Bike Trail Map - And Signage On the Way!

Woolly Mountain Bike Trail

Above is a map representation with a moving slide show of some of the Woolly Trail's highlights.  Map/Photo Credit to Dallas Wynne.

This is a most exciting time in St. Croix Falls, for Cyclova XC, and certainly for the Woolly Mountain Bike Club (the Midwest's newest IMBA Chapter)!  Literally hundreds of avid mountain bikers are flocking to St. Croix Falls to ride the appropriately famed Woolly Mountain Bike Trails.  

The biggest challenges with these trails are basic:  There hasn't been a trail map, the trails aren't marked, nor is there an official trail head - but the trails are nothing short of world class.  In short, the best way to get out and explore the Woolly Trails have been to be a part of the Tuesday night ride (happens every Tuesday night at 6 - see the events calendar at the top of our website).  The other option has been to go out and explore on your own.  

I'm very proud to report that enjoying the Woolly Trails is about to get much easier and more accessible:
  • In the immediate term, above you'll see a great GPS map (using Everytrail.com), with images at key points of the trail, with notes.  This will give you a good idea as to what to expect out there, and where.  Big thanks to Dallas Wynne for putting this together!
  • In the coming weeks, the Woolly Club will be publishing an official trail map document, which will be available for download or in print for an various places around St. Croix Falls.
  • Later this summer, the Woolly Club plans on erecting a trail head sign at the Polk County Tourism Center.  The City Board has unanimously approved this.  This is already the site of the Gandy Dancer State Trailhead - and is much easier to access, with ample free parking than the previous trail access sites.  From the Polk County Tourism Center, mountain bikers will enjoy a roughly 2 mile ride on the paved Interlink and Gandy Dancer trails, which lead right to the center of the Woolly Mountain Bike Trail Network.
  • Finally, the Woolly Club is working with local partner groups to procure IMBA grade, professional signage to mark the entire trail system.  Trail markings will likely include directional arrows, difficulty ratings, and of course the sweet Woolly Logo.
A great time was had by all on the May 18, 2012 group Woolly Trail Ride! 

2012 Timber Swindler 5k Running Race Info

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The Timber Swindler 5k Running Race will be on the morning of Saturday, July 21, 2012.  The course will literally tour St. Croix Falls, the City of Trails - offering spectacular views of the river valley!  This is going to be a fun event for all, and a fundraiser for the folks at the Ice Age Trail Association Indianhead Chapter - the folks that created and maintain the world class 1200 mile hiking trail that goes across Wisconsin!

There are numerous ways to be a part of this event:
  1. Participate:  Pre-Register using the below entry form (click on the link)
  2. Bring Your Kids:  Bring your kids for the free kids race!  They'll get a real race number and medal!
  3. Volunteer:  Contact Emalea at Cyclova XC to volunteer.  
  4. Spectate:  Bring a cow bell and make some noise!
For the full scoop on this all - as well as the entry form, CLICK HERE.

For an interactive map of the course, click HERE (course map updated 7-11-2012).
Some have been wondering what the story with the event name, "Timber Swindler" is.  If you're curious about characters such as Frunck Lundgerdeenren, see Ben's research on the Timber Swindler.

9AM Saturday, July 21, 2012
$15 Pre-register, $20 Race Day
Registration and Bib Pick-up 7:30-8:45 @ CyclovaXC
FREE KIDS 1/2 Mile Run 10:15 @ Snap Fitness
Awards 10:30 @ Snap Fitness
Don't forget to spend the weekend in St. Croix Falls at Wannigan Days - for a full weekend of Timber Swindlin'!

CyclovaXC Wind Jacket

For those of you who ordered the CyclovaXC wind jacket, they're in!  This is going to be a great item for early morning bicycle rides as well as cross-country skiing.  To make them even more awesome, they say "Train Like Landgraf!" on the arm.  See you on the road!

Women's Fitness Group Activity for Thursday, June 21st

This is the same women's fitness group activity as last Thursday which was cancelled due to rain. Enjoy!

Ladies! Last week, Daisy Duke and I discovered an Amazon like trail right across of the river in Taylor's Falls! Come and check out tomorrow night. Depart the shop at 6:30 p.m.  Summer is in full force so come enjoy conversation, exercise, and discover more of the river valley every Thursday!

Women's Fitness Group Activity For Thursday, June 14th!

Ladies! Last week, Daisy Duke and I discovered an Amazon like trail right across of the river in Taylor's Falls! Come and check out tomorrow night. Depart the shop at 6:30 p.m.  Summer is in full force so come enjoy conversation, exercise, and discover more of the river valley every Thursday!

CyclovaXC at the Swilcan Bridge on the St. Andrews Golf Course

In continuation of our quest for taking our Landgraf hats around the world, here's one of Jim on the 18th fairway of the Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland.

Remember, if you're going on vacation, always bring along your "Ski Like Landgraf!" hats and grab a few photos for us!  Send them to bj@cyclovaxc.com!  Thanks again Jim!

Frederic Bike Race June 9th, Race, Watch or Volunteer!

Hi Folks,
Here is a nice press release I received about the Frederic Bike Race. CyclovaXC's Frank Lundeen won this race back in 2001!  Frederic is just a few short miles away from St. Croix Falls, so if you're looking for something to do, head up to CyclovaXC, do a couple group rides, and either race, spectate, or volunteer at the Frederic race!
Have a great weekend!

Frederic Lions Bike Race Celebrates 25 Years on June 9

FREDERIC--The Frederic Lions Bike Classic will be held for the 25th time on Sat. June 9.  Started in 1988 by the Frederic Lions Club, the race has held on to be the third longest running citizen’s bike race in Wisconsin.

The idea to host a bike race in Frederic started as a coffee table discussion in the winter of 1987. Terry and Jo Duea, Dave Dopkins, and Steve and Elisabeth Puetz collaborated on the concept of a starting a local bike race, after watching the success of a popular citizen bike race in Grandview, WI, that Dopkins had participated in. The Frederic Lions Club came on board as a host organization. These people, as well as first year winners, Mike Cragg, Ilene “Bean” Linzmeyer, Greg Nelson and Wendy Weinzierl-Griswold, will be recognized at the awards ceremony following the race.

Over a quarter century, proceeds from the race have been directed by the Lions Club to the various charitable causes they support.

This year’s race will be a 26.4 mile individual time trial and will bring racers to Frederic from all over the Midwest.

The race will start at the Frederic High School campus at 10:00 a.m., with registration starting at 8:00 a.m. The race route is an out and back course, going east on Clam Falls Drive, south on CTH I for 13 miles, turning around just north of STH 48, and returning by the same route to Frederic. The course has a total of 1300 vertical feet of climbing.

Top riders will complete the course in under an hour, averaging well over 26 miles an hour on what is considered a difficult time trial route. A new class was added in 2010--the single speed division. This class offers awards to riders who complete the course on bikes with only one gear. 2010 single speed winner was Ricky Wells, Strum, WI. Wells completed the course in 1 hour, 7 minutes, and 59 seconds, riding faster than several riders on conventional bikes with many gears available. The course records are held by Joan Carlson, Menomonie, WI--1 hour, 8 minutes, and 50.8 seconds (2010), Lance Niles, Onalaska, WI--58 minutes, 51 seconds (2009), Ricky Wells, Strum, WI--single speed--1 hour, 7 minutes, and 59.5 seconds (2010), and Andrea Potyondy-Smith, Champlin, MN--single speed--1 hour, 38 minutes, 56 seconds (2011).

2011 winners: Tim Mulrooney, Noreen Leahy, Dan Johnson (single speed) and Andrea Potyondy-Smith (single speed), are expected to return to defend their titles.
Past winners with a local connection include: 1988-Wendy Weinzierl-Griswold and Greg Nelson. 1993-Kevin Link and Jolene Selover Baillargeon. 2000-Terry Baillargeon. 2001-Frank Lundeen. 2011-Dan Johnson (single speed).

Also of interest, author Michael Perry rode the race in the early 90”s.

Arthur Martin, Frederic, is the only person who has completed all 24 of the previous races, and is expected to keep the streak going this year. He has been spotted on several training rides around the backroads of Leader Land.

The individual time trial format features riders starting at 30 second intervals, with the goal of riding the course as fast as possible. Drafting, pack riding, and other team tactics are not allowed, so time trials are referred to as the race of truth. Just lungs, legs, and heart rates in the ozone. Time trial specific bicycles are designed for aerodynamics and some cost over $7000. Aero wheels alone may cost over $2500 a pair and run with over 200 lbs. of air pressure.

Race timing and results will be provided by Chimp Timing of Champlin, MN.
The Lions Classic is one of the 20+ events of the WiSport Cycling Series, which offers age group recognition in both road race and time trial divisions, at races held all around Wisconsin.

For more information: www.fredericlionsclassic.com, 715-327-4892, or www.wisport.org

Women's Fitness Group Event For Thursday, June 7th!

I am officially 28 years old  . . . oh my oh my.  So I need your stories, your wisdom, and your enthusiasm to make this year even better than the last.  Please help me celebrate by joining me for a GLORIOUS bike ride tomorrow!! Route still to be decided but ALL types of bikes are welcome no discrimination towards road or mountain bikes.  

When: Thursday June 7th, 6:30 PM
Where: CyclovaXC Retail Store in St. Croix Falls!

See you!

A Review of Wild Shot by Andy Liebner

Overcome the Obstacles and Achieve Your Potential

Cross-Country skiing is more of a calling than a sport, and nowhere is that more obvious than in Andy Liebner's skiing memoir “Wild Shot.” The book chronicles a period in Liebner's life when he decided to throw caution to the wind and spend a couple seasons training and racing as a professional athlete in Europe and Australia. But this book is not just an athlete's story, it is also a travel memoir and a very personal quest for self. Despite tremendous results in world class events, Liebner frequently struggles with self-doubt that threatens to overwhelm him. His ability to overcome obstacles, not the least of which are his own personal demons, is what makes “Wild Shot” a truly compelling read.

For those of us who have dabbled in sport, the attraction is clear. Where in other pursuits the result can be tainted by privilege, prejudice, or money, in a race things are simpler. The best man or woman in the event is the one that crosses the line first.


There is something pure about the knowledge that, no matter what other obstacles people put in front of you, the race will always reveal the truth.

However, in “Wild Shot,” Liebner shows how even the sanctity of the race has been compromised. Sure, once the starting gun goes off, the best competitor wins. But the race can still be rigged by not allowing some athletes to compete.

Such is the case with Andy Liebner, an aspiring Biathlete who finds he has been unceremoniously dumped by the US's governing body of the sport (the USBA). Annoyed by the bureaucratic tape, Liebner decides to travel to Europe to train and race with the best Biathletes of the world. However, even though he is supporting his own racing and training, the USBA will not grant him permission to enter international biathlon events, even if there are no other American athletes participating.

Undaunted, Liebner finds his way into various high profile events, and as he racks up several podium finishes, he begins to achieve a stature that is beyond what the USBA can suppress.

As an avid skier myself, I was extremely frustrated by Liebner's description of what the “system” for developing cross-country athletes is like in the US. Cross-Country skiing is a fringe sport that needs champions to increase its popularity in the US. Based on “Wild Shot,” the USBA seems to be doing the opposite.

However, Andy Liebner's tenacious pursuit of his dream is inspiring to follow. Yes, he feels doubt along the way, sometimes even in the face of success, but it's that tremendous human element that makes the book a rewarding read.

If you're interested in reading something that will inspire you to achieve your fullest potential no matter what obstacles are in your way, “Wild Shot” is the book for you.

How Much Are Two Bikes and a Burley?

I was at a party the other day, and a friend of mine was thinking about getting a bicycle for himself and his wife plus a Burley for bringing along their year old daughter.  They were thinking that it would just be a nice way to get in shape and have the whole family participate.  And you know what?  They're absolutely right!

If you have some bike paths near your house, I'd absolutely recommend picking up a bike and Burley.  I've had the opportunity to go out three or four times a week with my two year old, and I find it's rewarding to have her along.  Sometimes she points out the cows, sometimes she tells me to go faster, and sometimes she just softly sings to herself.  Whatever she does, it's nice to have the company.

Anyway, if you're looking to get your family set up for the most economic price possible, you can look no further than our Trek 820 Entry level mountain bike.  This bike comes in both men's and women's models for $359.99.  It's a good, solid bulletproof bike that will give you years (and miles) of enjoyment pulling your children around behind you!

Here's the women's version:
The Burley trailer we carry collapses down to a small enough size to fit into the trunks of most cars.  It is also large and spacious enough that you can use it as a trailer for self-supported rides.  I'm already planning on doing some camping trips with it later this summer.
The price is $299.99.

So, the end price for outfitting your whole family with two bikes and a solid trailer is (with tax) $1076.08.  Although that might seem like a chunk of change, what you're getting is great quality, entry-level equipment that will serve you well now, and will also be effective first bikes for when your kids are ready to ride themselves!

Brownies Brush Up on Bicycling at CyclovaXC!

A couple weeks ago, Emalea did a bike safety presentation for a bunch of girl scouts.  Here's the press release and some photos from the day!  Great work Emalea!

Brownies Brush Up on Biking

Lake O' the Dalles troop 53745 brushed up on bike safety this week at Cyclova XC in downtown St. Croix Falls.

With help from Cyclovaxc's Emalea Landgraf, the third grade Brownies learned how to properly fit their bike helmets and that they should always wear bright clothing and tennis shoes when riding. Landgraf also taught the girls the four basic biking hand signals.

The girl's favorite part of the evening was when Landgraf took them on a fun bike ride through Interstate Park. It was a tremendous learning experience for all eleven girls.

Celebrate National Trails Day in St. Croix Falls!

Folks, it's going to be a great weekend in St. Croix Falls. There are a TON of athletic events, and the weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL, so why not come on out, camp at interstate park and make it a weekend?

Frank put together the following list of events that you can peruse, and I"m sure that something on here is going to pique your fancy:

Events for this action packed weekend - celebrating National Trails Day:
Wooly Bicycle Club Activities:
June 2, 2012
8:45AM: Trail Work Day / Buckthorn (invasive special) removal orientation at St. Croix Falls High School
9AM: Off to the woods for trail work / Buckthorn (invasive special) removal
11:45AM: Wrap Up / Clean Up
Noon: BBQ at the "Triangle" (the triangle Gandy Dancer / Interlink Trail intersection in the meadow)
2PM: Woolly Trails Group Ride departing from the High School. The first lap will be a no-drop guided tour, with following laps being at a faster pace. The trails are marked with ground paint

City Of Trails Running Races:
June 2, 2012
7:00 - 8:30AM: Event Registration at St. Croix Falls Middle School
8:30 - 8:45AM: Rock N' River 10K Hike Soft Start
9:00 am: (simultaneous start) City of Trails 5K & 10K Trail Run
10:15-11:00am: Shuttle Service from Overlook Deck to SCF Middle School Parking lot

Osceola Rhubarb Days Bicycle Rodeo:
A fun city festival celebrating Summer in Osceola on June 1st and 2nd!
9 - 11AM: Bicycle Rodeo in the Noah Insurance Office parking lot (in Osceola, WI). Cyclova XC co-owner will be there doing bicycle safety inspections.

In addition to all this, the CyclovaXC 2012 bicycle kits are in!  Those of you who have purchased these kits are eligible for some special deals at CyclovaXC, so stop on by and inquire.  You're going to love training and racing in your new CyclovaXC bike kit!

Lastly, Zulma, Sofia and I are headed down to Peru next week to set the stage for the Epic Inca Trail hike that several of our CyclovaXC members will be doing this summer.  This is going to be a fantastic journey, but it also means that this will be the last weekend you can hang out with Sofia for a while.  

To celebrate our impending trip to Peru, I'm planning on bringing my Peruvian "Sapo" game to the clubhouse this weekend.  "Sapo" is somewhat similar to bean bags, but instead of bean bags, you throw heavy brass coins (Tyler fell in love with this game a couple weeks ago because he liked the thought of causing some damage by chucking those coins as hard as he could).

So, we'll likely be playing "Sapo" at the clubhouse for exercise on Saturday, so swing on by for a cultural experience of HERCULEAN PROPORTIONS (OK that might be a touch overstated...but it is fun).  

Looking forward to seeing you all in St. Croix this weekend!  If all else fails, swing by CyclovaXC and I'm sure you'll find somebody to ride with you there!