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Celebrate National Trails Day in St. Croix Falls!

Folks, it's going to be a great weekend in St. Croix Falls. There are a TON of athletic events, and the weather is going to be BEAUTIFUL, so why not come on out, camp at interstate park and make it a weekend?

Frank put together the following list of events that you can peruse, and I"m sure that something on here is going to pique your fancy:

Events for this action packed weekend - celebrating National Trails Day:
Wooly Bicycle Club Activities:
June 2, 2012
8:45AM: Trail Work Day / Buckthorn (invasive special) removal orientation at St. Croix Falls High School
9AM: Off to the woods for trail work / Buckthorn (invasive special) removal
11:45AM: Wrap Up / Clean Up
Noon: BBQ at the "Triangle" (the triangle Gandy Dancer / Interlink Trail intersection in the meadow)
2PM: Woolly Trails Group Ride departing from the High School. The first lap will be a no-drop guided tour, with following laps being at a faster pace. The trails are marked with ground paint

City Of Trails Running Races:
June 2, 2012
7:00 - 8:30AM: Event Registration at St. Croix Falls Middle School
8:30 - 8:45AM: Rock N' River 10K Hike Soft Start
9:00 am: (simultaneous start) City of Trails 5K & 10K Trail Run
10:15-11:00am: Shuttle Service from Overlook Deck to SCF Middle School Parking lot

Osceola Rhubarb Days Bicycle Rodeo:
A fun city festival celebrating Summer in Osceola on June 1st and 2nd!
9 - 11AM: Bicycle Rodeo in the Noah Insurance Office parking lot (in Osceola, WI). Cyclova XC co-owner will be there doing bicycle safety inspections.

In addition to all this, the CyclovaXC 2012 bicycle kits are in!  Those of you who have purchased these kits are eligible for some special deals at CyclovaXC, so stop on by and inquire.  You're going to love training and racing in your new CyclovaXC bike kit!

Lastly, Zulma, Sofia and I are headed down to Peru next week to set the stage for the Epic Inca Trail hike that several of our CyclovaXC members will be doing this summer.  This is going to be a fantastic journey, but it also means that this will be the last weekend you can hang out with Sofia for a while.  

To celebrate our impending trip to Peru, I'm planning on bringing my Peruvian "Sapo" game to the clubhouse this weekend.  "Sapo" is somewhat similar to bean bags, but instead of bean bags, you throw heavy brass coins (Tyler fell in love with this game a couple weeks ago because he liked the thought of causing some damage by chucking those coins as hard as he could).

So, we'll likely be playing "Sapo" at the clubhouse for exercise on Saturday, so swing on by for a cultural experience of HERCULEAN PROPORTIONS (OK that might be a touch overstated...but it is fun).  

Looking forward to seeing you all in St. Croix this weekend!  If all else fails, swing by CyclovaXC and I'm sure you'll find somebody to ride with you there!


  1. Ben,

    With your proximity to the beautiful St. Croix River, a canoe race really should be part of the mix.
    Doug Berg

  2. Ohhh...good idea, let's talk about that! Would you be willing to help put one on? I've never done a canoe race, so I don't know what people expect!

  3. Great turnout for the 5 and 10km race on saturday. The roar of the river as you crossed the finish line was pretty impressive. Haven't seen the bear trap make noise like that in years.