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How Much Are Two Bikes and a Burley?

I was at a party the other day, and a friend of mine was thinking about getting a bicycle for himself and his wife plus a Burley for bringing along their year old daughter.  They were thinking that it would just be a nice way to get in shape and have the whole family participate.  And you know what?  They're absolutely right!

If you have some bike paths near your house, I'd absolutely recommend picking up a bike and Burley.  I've had the opportunity to go out three or four times a week with my two year old, and I find it's rewarding to have her along.  Sometimes she points out the cows, sometimes she tells me to go faster, and sometimes she just softly sings to herself.  Whatever she does, it's nice to have the company.

Anyway, if you're looking to get your family set up for the most economic price possible, you can look no further than our Trek 820 Entry level mountain bike.  This bike comes in both men's and women's models for $359.99.  It's a good, solid bulletproof bike that will give you years (and miles) of enjoyment pulling your children around behind you!

Here's the women's version:
The Burley trailer we carry collapses down to a small enough size to fit into the trunks of most cars.  It is also large and spacious enough that you can use it as a trailer for self-supported rides.  I'm already planning on doing some camping trips with it later this summer.
The price is $299.99.

So, the end price for outfitting your whole family with two bikes and a solid trailer is (with tax) $1076.08.  Although that might seem like a chunk of change, what you're getting is great quality, entry-level equipment that will serve you well now, and will also be effective first bikes for when your kids are ready to ride themselves!

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