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Woolly Mountain Bike Trail Map - And Signage On the Way!

Woolly Mountain Bike Trail

Above is a map representation with a moving slide show of some of the Woolly Trail's highlights.  Map/Photo Credit to Dallas Wynne.

This is a most exciting time in St. Croix Falls, for Cyclova XC, and certainly for the Woolly Mountain Bike Club (the Midwest's newest IMBA Chapter)!  Literally hundreds of avid mountain bikers are flocking to St. Croix Falls to ride the appropriately famed Woolly Mountain Bike Trails.  

The biggest challenges with these trails are basic:  There hasn't been a trail map, the trails aren't marked, nor is there an official trail head - but the trails are nothing short of world class.  In short, the best way to get out and explore the Woolly Trails have been to be a part of the Tuesday night ride (happens every Tuesday night at 6 - see the events calendar at the top of our website).  The other option has been to go out and explore on your own.  

I'm very proud to report that enjoying the Woolly Trails is about to get much easier and more accessible:
  • In the immediate term, above you'll see a great GPS map (using, with images at key points of the trail, with notes.  This will give you a good idea as to what to expect out there, and where.  Big thanks to Dallas Wynne for putting this together!
  • In the coming weeks, the Woolly Club will be publishing an official trail map document, which will be available for download or in print for an various places around St. Croix Falls.
  • Later this summer, the Woolly Club plans on erecting a trail head sign at the Polk County Tourism Center.  The City Board has unanimously approved this.  This is already the site of the Gandy Dancer State Trailhead - and is much easier to access, with ample free parking than the previous trail access sites.  From the Polk County Tourism Center, mountain bikers will enjoy a roughly 2 mile ride on the paved Interlink and Gandy Dancer trails, which lead right to the center of the Woolly Mountain Bike Trail Network.
  • Finally, the Woolly Club is working with local partner groups to procure IMBA grade, professional signage to mark the entire trail system.  Trail markings will likely include directional arrows, difficulty ratings, and of course the sweet Woolly Logo.
A great time was had by all on the May 18, 2012 group Woolly Trail Ride! 

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