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Trek Speed Concept TRI Bike Closeout!

Hot end of summer deals are abound at Cyclova XC on the hottest Triathlon bikes out there:  Trek Speed Concept!

Spring came and went - you trained hard and worked toward your goals on the bike.  June & July came and went - you fine tuned your fitness and skills for the heart of triathlon season - and had a blast at the events!

Sometimes after having the race of your life, athletes are left asking themselves, "what more can I do to increase performance?"  One very significant thing a triathlete can do is upgrade their bike - often equating to minutes off of finish times.  The technology only available to the world's best is now available to the masses, at shockingly low prices - thanks to trickle down technology!

There has NEVER been a better time to buy a triathlon bike than now - with crazy low prices on select in stock Speed Concept 7.0 bikes at Cyclova XC, as well as select Speed Concept 2.5 bikes available on special order!

Following are the pricing details that you'll want to know about:

30% Off Of In Stock Speed Concept 7.0's (Normal Price of $2729.99, Closeout Price of $1910.99)
2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0, size Large
2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0, Women's Specific Design, size Small

30% Off Of Special Order Speed Concept 2.5's (Normal Price of $1979.99, Closeout Price of $1385.99)  **50% down payment required upon ordering, supply is limited and subject to change.
2012 Trek Speed Concept 2.5, sizes Small or Medium
2012 Trek Speed Concept 2.5, Women's Specific Design, sizes XS, Small, Medium

Everyone who purchases a bike at Cyclova XC receives a full fit session.  One at Triathlon / TT bike, this means a 20 point fitting session, which usually takes about 1 full hour.  Millimeters make a world of difference in comfort and performance, and we will work with you to ensure you get every bit of speed and comfort out of your new bike.  

Swing on in to talk Triathlon bike and accessories with us!  You'll be glad you did!

Women's Fitness Group Activity, Thursday July 26th

The Ruins of Pisac in the Sacred Valley (Almost as Cool as the Hikes in St. Croix Falls)
Ladies' Night is returning in FULL FORCE! Can you believe it is almost August? I hope everyone is having a great summer. I also hope that goals are being met or at least attempted! Tonight we will be heading to Taylors Falls for a FABULOUS hike. We will not be hiking in Interstate Park, but instead a trail off of Hwy 20, which I recently discovered. It honestly reminds me of the Disney movie Fern Gully from the 90's. We will carpool from the shop. Departure 6:30. Come one, come all, and come with summer stories to share!

Also, Zulma is back from Peru so you can expect a few Latin dance nights in August!  Stay tuned!

Timber Swindler 5k Running Race Results & Photos

They came, they saw, they conquered, they Timber Swindled!  That's right, the 2012 Timber Swindler 5k running race - a part of St. Croix Falls Wannigan Days is now in the books.

The day ended up being nearly perfect for a running race - with comfortable temps, overcast skies, and only a light breeze.  In the early morning hours, I nervously awoke to a thunder storm, but thankfully that dissipated and turned into a perfect morning for a run (albeit it a bit humid, but it is July after all). 

Considering this was a challenging 5k course, we saw some fast times and great competition - as well as a lot of happy faces out on the course.

In the men's race, Carson Velaski of Shafer, MN led the race off the line, stayed in the lead group for the duration, and made his decisive move on the long steep descent back into town on Louisana Ave.  Velaski ended up taking the win by 12 seconds over a chasing Brendon Gearhart of St. Croix Falls.  Adam Solsrud of Osceola took home a solid 3rd place overall.

The ladies race ended up having 3 young locals on the podium, with McKenzie Fortier of Osceola in 1st, Sarah Greene of Shafer, MN in 2nd, and Stacy Wherley of Osceola in 3rd.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about both the men's and ladies overall podium is the fact that the oldest athlete on either podium was 17 years old!  This bodes very well for the future of running in the upper St. Croix Valley!

Following are links to the full event results:


We'd like to extend a big thank you to each of the participants of the Timber Swindler.  With your help, we raised some great money for the Ice Age Trail Assocation Indiahead Chapter.  Additionally, thank you each for your patience as we were figuring out results.  If you would like to pick up your age group medal based on the results, feel free to swing by Cyclova XC anytime to pick them up - we would love to see you!

20% Off On Running & Hiking Product at Cyclova XC July 20 - 22!

For 3 days only, get the best deals of the season on Salomon XR Mission and Synapse shoes - and other run / hike specific product at Cyclova!


Cyclova XC very rarely ever has special sale prices, but this weekend, July 20 - 22, is one of those rare events! For 3 days only, all in stock run and hike merchandise (excluding Cyclova XC team gear) is on sale at 20% off!  Take advantage of the best deals of the season on great products like:
  • Salomon XR Mission run shoes and Salomon Synapse Hiking shoes - for both men & women
  • A great assortment of run specific Smartwool socks for both men & women - including blister reducing "finger socks" (which are compatible with Five Finger type shoes)
  • A great assortment of Salomon running apparel ranging from shorts to capri pants to wicking tops - for both men & women
  • A super cute assortment of SportHill running skirts, capri pants, and tops - just for the ladies
 While planning your visit to Cyclova XC is St. Croix Falls, note that on Saturday morning (July 21), we are hosting the Timber Swindler 5k road running race.  The race starts at 9AM on Sunday morning - right in front of Cyclova XC.  Come and be a part of it!  Note that Cyclova XC will have special early hours this Saturday to accommodate the event.
Enjoy 20% off deals this Timber Swindler weekend in a gallery atmosphere on great brands like Salomon, SmartWool, Sporthill, and SuperFeet!

All Set For The Timber Swindler 5k Run!

The recently updated Timber Swindler 5k course will provide a great circle tour of St. Croix Falls, and will appeal to all levels of runners!

The details are set and the mail box has been full of pre-registrations for weeks - this can only mean one thing:  It is time to do some TIMBER SWINDLIN'!

This Saturday morning, we look forward to seeing you at Cyclova XC in St. Croix falls for the first annual Timber Swindler 5k running race!  We have a beautiful course ready for you, promise a smoothly run event, timing is all set to go (thanks to Easy IT Guys) and a generous spread of refreshments will await you at the finish (thanks to Snap Fitness!).  In short, this run will be a great time and YOU need to be a part of it!  CLICK HERE to view the event entry form.

Runners who have been keeping track of the course, should note that there was one small recent adjustment made to the course, which is reflected above and can also be viewed HERE.  The course will literally tour St. Croix Falls, the City of Trails - offering spectacular views of the river valley!  

This is going to be a fun event for all, and a fundraiser for the folks at the Ice Age Trail Association Indianhead Chapter - the folks that created and maintain the world class 1200 mile hiking trail that goes across Wisconsin!

There are numerous ways to be a part of this event:
  1. Participate:  Pre-Register using the below entry form (click on the link)
  2. Bring Your Kids:  Bring your kids for the free kids race!  They'll get a real race number!
  3. Volunteer:  Contact Frank at Cyclova XC to volunteer.  
  4. Spectate:  Bring a cow bell and make some noise!
For the full scoop on this all - as well as the entry form, CLICK HERE.

The Timber Swindler is proudly brought to you by the above sponsors - and is a fundraiser for the Ice Age Trail Association Indianhead Chapter!

Ladies Night: Cycling on Thursday, July 12, 2012

Join the Cyclova XC ladies group tonight for a fun road ride on beautiful, low traffic country roads!  Photo Credit to Trek.


Come take a break from the heat and create your own breeze by going on an awesome bike ride.  I have some great roads to show you that are low on traffic, high on shade and fun terrain.  All bikes and bikers are welcome.  Thursday Night is Ladies Night so bring a friend and check out the what the beautiful river valley has to offer the beautiful women of the valley!

-Emalea Landgraf

Landgraf Hat At Machu Picchu

Hey Folks!

Sorry for the long absence, I've been crawling around the Andes mountains in the wake of the Olympians again (also in the wake of Kevin and Micah to be honest).  Here we are rocking the Landgraf hats in the Shadow of Machu Picchu!  Kudos to Mica for going full kit here, we're putting that dude on a billboard (and don't think this is the only photo that exists).

We had another awesome trip although noticeably absent from this photo are people like: The mountain, the lone wolf, Frank, Fisk, Maverick, Mikunda, Emalea, and basically everyone else who has ever walked through the doors at CyclovaXC!

I'm still fighting off a virus that was caused as much by the altitude and the hiking as all the Pisco Sours (Roberto kept ordering them for me).  But we're down to T-minus 3 weeks before the party resumes in St. Croix.  Here's what we need to do:

  • Weekend pick-up basketball games
  • Tubin' some river somewhere
  • Wild mountain water slide day
  • Water balloon fight at the clubhouse
If you're lucky, maybe you can get me to give a presentation featuring about 50 of the 3000+ photos that I took (although I don't think any of my photos are as good as Micah's...the guy has achieved effortless perfection in all he does, he makes a Sapo every time he plays, he always wins at Poker, and his sandwiches can be traded in their weight for gold).

Anyway, it was great to hit Machu Picchu with friends and take a few moments to think about Dave!  You all know my wife is from Peru, so this trip is always on the map (convincing my wife to take a trip to Peru is the easiest thing in the world).

See you all soon!  Oh, and I've got a TON more photos of us posing with the Landgraf hat, so be on the lookout for those!

Road Ride & Tour de France at Cyclova XC on Saturday, 7 July!

What better way to celebrate July than a day on the bike & watching the best cyclists on the planet race in the mountains?

July is upon us, the heart of summer, riding season, and of course the Tour de France is in full swing!  In short, these are the days we cyclists wish for all year long!

To celebrate the season, Cyclova XC is hosting a fun day full of riding and celebrating this year's Tour de France this Saturday!  This action packed day will include a 100 mile road ride at a moderate ~ 16-17 mph pace, with cut off options for 30 or 60 miles also.  In short, this is a ride for riders of all levels.  Several of the Cyclova XC Gravel Conspiracy team riders will be using this as a training session for the long September state race!

Once we get back to Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls, you will have a chance to view the day's coverage of the Tour on the 17 foot big screen.  Food and refreshments will be present! 

Following is the schedule of events for the day:
6:00AM:  Riders will depart on the road ride for all distances.  For the specifics on the planned ride route, view the map click HERE.  We will be departing early to beat the heat & be off the bikes at a reasonable time!  This is a ride for all levels of road riders at a modest pace, with the option of bailing out to make a 30 or 60 mile route. 
11:00AM:  Cyclova XC will open for business as per usual
12:30PM:  The 100 mile riders will be returning to Cyclova XC at about this time.  A refreshing swim likely will be had, followed by a massive lunch at one of St. Croix Falls' world class diners.
2:30PM:  View coverage of Stage 7 of the Tour de France, the years first mountain stage on the Cyclova XC 17 foot big screen!
Evening:  TBD

Be sure to join us for a fun day that will be all about the bicycle!