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All Set For The Timber Swindler 5k Run!

The recently updated Timber Swindler 5k course will provide a great circle tour of St. Croix Falls, and will appeal to all levels of runners!

The details are set and the mail box has been full of pre-registrations for weeks - this can only mean one thing:  It is time to do some TIMBER SWINDLIN'!

This Saturday morning, we look forward to seeing you at Cyclova XC in St. Croix falls for the first annual Timber Swindler 5k running race!  We have a beautiful course ready for you, promise a smoothly run event, timing is all set to go (thanks to Easy IT Guys) and a generous spread of refreshments will await you at the finish (thanks to Snap Fitness!).  In short, this run will be a great time and YOU need to be a part of it!  CLICK HERE to view the event entry form.

Runners who have been keeping track of the course, should note that there was one small recent adjustment made to the course, which is reflected above and can also be viewed HERE.  The course will literally tour St. Croix Falls, the City of Trails - offering spectacular views of the river valley!  

This is going to be a fun event for all, and a fundraiser for the folks at the Ice Age Trail Association Indianhead Chapter - the folks that created and maintain the world class 1200 mile hiking trail that goes across Wisconsin!

There are numerous ways to be a part of this event:
  1. Participate:  Pre-Register using the below entry form (click on the link)
  2. Bring Your Kids:  Bring your kids for the free kids race!  They'll get a real race number!
  3. Volunteer:  Contact Frank at Cyclova XC to volunteer.  
  4. Spectate:  Bring a cow bell and make some noise!
For the full scoop on this all - as well as the entry form, CLICK HERE.

The Timber Swindler is proudly brought to you by the above sponsors - and is a fundraiser for the Ice Age Trail Association Indianhead Chapter!

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