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Landgraf Hat At Machu Picchu

Hey Folks!

Sorry for the long absence, I've been crawling around the Andes mountains in the wake of the Olympians again (also in the wake of Kevin and Micah to be honest).  Here we are rocking the Landgraf hats in the Shadow of Machu Picchu!  Kudos to Mica for going full kit here, we're putting that dude on a billboard (and don't think this is the only photo that exists).

We had another awesome trip although noticeably absent from this photo are people like: The mountain, the lone wolf, Frank, Fisk, Maverick, Mikunda, Emalea, and basically everyone else who has ever walked through the doors at CyclovaXC!

I'm still fighting off a virus that was caused as much by the altitude and the hiking as all the Pisco Sours (Roberto kept ordering them for me).  But we're down to T-minus 3 weeks before the party resumes in St. Croix.  Here's what we need to do:

  • Weekend pick-up basketball games
  • Tubin' some river somewhere
  • Wild mountain water slide day
  • Water balloon fight at the clubhouse
If you're lucky, maybe you can get me to give a presentation featuring about 50 of the 3000+ photos that I took (although I don't think any of my photos are as good as Micah's...the guy has achieved effortless perfection in all he does, he makes a Sapo every time he plays, he always wins at Poker, and his sandwiches can be traded in their weight for gold).

Anyway, it was great to hit Machu Picchu with friends and take a few moments to think about Dave!  You all know my wife is from Peru, so this trip is always on the map (convincing my wife to take a trip to Peru is the easiest thing in the world).

See you all soon!  Oh, and I've got a TON more photos of us posing with the Landgraf hat, so be on the lookout for those!

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