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Road Ride & Tour de France at Cyclova XC on Saturday, 7 July!

What better way to celebrate July than a day on the bike & watching the best cyclists on the planet race in the mountains?

July is upon us, the heart of summer, riding season, and of course the Tour de France is in full swing!  In short, these are the days we cyclists wish for all year long!

To celebrate the season, Cyclova XC is hosting a fun day full of riding and celebrating this year's Tour de France this Saturday!  This action packed day will include a 100 mile road ride at a moderate ~ 16-17 mph pace, with cut off options for 30 or 60 miles also.  In short, this is a ride for riders of all levels.  Several of the Cyclova XC Gravel Conspiracy team riders will be using this as a training session for the long September state race!

Once we get back to Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls, you will have a chance to view the day's coverage of the Tour on the 17 foot big screen.  Food and refreshments will be present! 

Following is the schedule of events for the day:
6:00AM:  Riders will depart on the road ride for all distances.  For the specifics on the planned ride route, view the map click HERE.  We will be departing early to beat the heat & be off the bikes at a reasonable time!  This is a ride for all levels of road riders at a modest pace, with the option of bailing out to make a 30 or 60 mile route. 
11:00AM:  Cyclova XC will open for business as per usual
12:30PM:  The 100 mile riders will be returning to Cyclova XC at about this time.  A refreshing swim likely will be had, followed by a massive lunch at one of St. Croix Falls' world class diners.
2:30PM:  View coverage of Stage 7 of the Tour de France, the years first mountain stage on the Cyclova XC 17 foot big screen!
Evening:  TBD

Be sure to join us for a fun day that will be all about the bicycle! 

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