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Trek Speed Concept TRI Bike Closeout!

Hot end of summer deals are abound at Cyclova XC on the hottest Triathlon bikes out there:  Trek Speed Concept!

Spring came and went - you trained hard and worked toward your goals on the bike.  June & July came and went - you fine tuned your fitness and skills for the heart of triathlon season - and had a blast at the events!

Sometimes after having the race of your life, athletes are left asking themselves, "what more can I do to increase performance?"  One very significant thing a triathlete can do is upgrade their bike - often equating to minutes off of finish times.  The technology only available to the world's best is now available to the masses, at shockingly low prices - thanks to trickle down technology!

There has NEVER been a better time to buy a triathlon bike than now - with crazy low prices on select in stock Speed Concept 7.0 bikes at Cyclova XC, as well as select Speed Concept 2.5 bikes available on special order!

Following are the pricing details that you'll want to know about:

30% Off Of In Stock Speed Concept 7.0's (Normal Price of $2729.99, Closeout Price of $1910.99)
2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0, size Large
2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0, Women's Specific Design, size Small

30% Off Of Special Order Speed Concept 2.5's (Normal Price of $1979.99, Closeout Price of $1385.99)  **50% down payment required upon ordering, supply is limited and subject to change.
2012 Trek Speed Concept 2.5, sizes Small or Medium
2012 Trek Speed Concept 2.5, Women's Specific Design, sizes XS, Small, Medium

Everyone who purchases a bike at Cyclova XC receives a full fit session.  One at Triathlon / TT bike, this means a 20 point fitting session, which usually takes about 1 full hour.  Millimeters make a world of difference in comfort and performance, and we will work with you to ensure you get every bit of speed and comfort out of your new bike.  

Swing on in to talk Triathlon bike and accessories with us!  You'll be glad you did!

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