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Armstrong Accused of Taking Dinosaur Shaped Gummies

Lance Armstrong is all over the news again, and, like usual, the presumption of his guilt is strong even though absolutely no new evidence against him has been released.

From the beginning, this is what has bothered me the most about the Armstrong controversy.  I'm totally for a clean sport, but I really don't think you should make an accusation against somebody until you actually have hard, physical evidence.  If somebody's guilty, fine, go and get them, but do your homework and get the proof, don't just make lazy accusations.

Armstrong has recently declared that he isn't going to fight USADA charges, but that this shouldn't be seen as a declaration of guilt.  However, pretty much everybody is taking it as a declaration of guilt.

I think Armstrong has an ace in the hole here though.  I think he really just doesn't consider USADA to be all that important.  At this point, the worst thing that can happen to Armstrong is that he gets a lifetime ban, which he doesn't care about because he's already retired, and USADA can recommend that he have his tour titles stripped.  However, from my understanding, the final decision on whether or not he's stripped of the tour titles will lie with the UCI.  And I don't think the UCI is going to roll over and do whatever the USADA says.  Plus, I think Armstrong has a bit more pull with UCI than anyone wants to admit.

The thing to remember with this whole Armstrong episode is that the major criminals of cycling are not the athletes who cheat.  The major criminals are the governing bodies who have been totally ineffective in stopping them.  All of these athletes are subjected to rigorous testing, why is this testing so ineffective that cheating athletes are only discovered years later?

There are just too many stories of labs not following their own protocols and athletes having to fight accusations (based on perception rather than evidence) for years for me to have any respect for the controls in place to keep PEDs out of cycling.  Honestly, I believe a lot of the problem is the fact that you have multiple countries using multiple philosophical approaches to the law.  For example, France has a "guilty until proven innocent" attitude that is magnified when they start pursuing an American athlete they don't like anyway (yes, there was a reason nobody accused Richard Virenque of being a doper until they physically pulled him of a bike--because he's FRENCH!).

Sadly, the French anti-Armstrong frenzy spilled over to America, and the result has been millions of dollars and countless hours spent chasing a guy who spends all his free time looking for a cure for cancer.

And you know what?  They STILL haven't published any PROOF of his guilt!!!

So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.  My perception is that Armstrong feels USADA is a joke and that they can't really touch him.  I'm also far more disgusted with the governing bodies of these sports.

Do your job.  Find the proof.  A fair and effective system has to be put in place, the fact that there obviously isn't one is the true crime.


  1. Wow! You are a die hard Armstrong fan.


  2. No, we are die-hard justice fans! Armstrong is champion until an A and B drug test comes back positive. That's called evidence, something USADA doesn't actually appear to have.