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Cyclist Turns the Tables on Bike Thief

I was reading yahoo news the other day and they randomly had this story about a guy who had his $2,500 carbon fiber Fuji stolen, and managed to find the thief who was trying to sell it on craigslist in Seattle.  He recorded his confrontation with the thief (and the police) and posted the whole thing on You tube.  Now, I'm about to give you the link to the video, but I just want to warn you that the video contains a lot of profanity (F-bomb), as you might expect from a recorded confrontation between an angry bicycle owner and the guy who stole his pride and joy.  Here's the warning again THE FOLLOWING LINK CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE: Bike thief gets owned.

I think there is a lot of emotion in the above clip that we all can identify with.  I mean, not only is it terrible when somebody steals something from you, it's especially bad when you tell authorities about it and they're like, " was just a bike."

Excuse me?  Just a bike?

If you changed the word "bike" with "$2,500" somehow people start understanding the gravity of the situation.  I can't figure out why, in the modern age, with all the cycling awareness that Lance Armstrong has created, people still can't comprehend what modern bicycles are worth.

Still, all that being said, I can't at all condone what those guys did in the video.  Frankly, I think they're pretty lucky they didn't get slapped with an assault charge.  If you try to rely on the "citizen's arrest" thing, most likely you're going to get in way over your head very fast.  Also, if the thief had been smarter, he could have just claimed the bicycle was his.  All he had to say was, "yeah, officer, these guys are crazy, I was just trying to sell my bicycle and these guys are trying to take it from me." 

Fortunately the thief was kind of stupid and basically admitted on film that the bicycle was stolen so justice could prevail.  Take note, however, that it wasn't the justice system that got the bike back, it was thief error.  The justice system is really designed to keep civilians from taking the law into their own hands as was done in this video.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the guys got their bicycle back.  I just don't want people having their bicycle stolen and then end up sitting in jail because of their efforts to try and get it back.

I've been lucky in that in the 20 or so years that I've been cycling, I've never had anything stolen.  Part of it is living in rural Wisconsin, and part of it is just dumb luck I suppose.  

Oh, but speaking of stealing, we're currently selling our 2012 bicycles at CyclovaXC at a 30% discount (this applies to items in stock).  So if you have any interest in stealing that Madone in the above photo from us, we're making it pretty easy for you :)

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