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CyclovaXC Weekend Team Rides

More and more I'm finding that I prefer the casual team ride on the weekend to doing a race somewhere.  However, Frank seems to be getting back the racing itch, and he's been talking seriously about putting together a Wisport group for next summer (so if you're interested in getting some team suppor from Le Gran Lundeen, get in a TEAM KIT!).

Last week, I was shot from making the arduous journey from Chippewa Falls to Osceola (90 miles on the dot...mainly because I rode around in circles until 89.9 miles became 90).  Saturday was more casual and included a fun little ride up to downtown St. Croix Falls from Osceola.  We then went down River road, and stopped at Lyons Park for a little swim.

In the above photo, Micah is just chillin' on his bike, waiting for Wayne to fix his puncture:
Wayne had forgotten his team kit, but he rides more in that plaid print anyway.  I suggested getting a novelty CyclovaXC team jersey printed up that had that brown plaid print instead of the "stained glass" image on our typical kit.  Problem is, we'd have to buy a minimum of six, and I don't think Wayne wants that many (he could outfit the whole family that way though...hmmmmm).

This weekend is the Lamar festival in St. Croix Falls, so we're planning on riding around that.  We'll probably be swinging by the shop at around 10 AM, so if you're up for a ride, look for us there!  Jeff wants to do something like 70 with a stop at the Wren, but we'll see.  I'm more into about 30 and a swim at the park, but I've been known to do crazy things.

See you on the roads!

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