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Inca Runners 2012 Part I

Hey Folks,

Well, I finally decided to get my butt in gear and post some stuff about our 2012 trip to Peru.  We had an awesome time, and the intrepid souls that risked coming down acquitted themselves nicely.

A few of my friends in Peru saw this photo and were like, "who's that frickin' guy with all the abs?  I counted them, there weren't SIX there were TEN!"

And it wasn't the National Champ they were talking about either, by CyclovaXCs own Kevin!  This is a guy who just ridiculously dominates at any form of sporting competition, and the only thing he ever does for training is eat powder sugar, jelly-filled donuts...oh wait, that's me (not the guy with the abs...the guy with the donuts).

The above picture is from the first day of activities--surfing.  Doug and I chilled on the beach.  The second guy from the left is the surfing instructor, he was also the lead singer of a heavy metal band, and told us how this guy asked him to punch him in the face four times at one of his concerts.  Nice guy to know.
After surfing, I took the team on a bus tour of Lima that included some time spent at Peru's Parque de la Reserva (a big water fountain park with light shows).  This is the type of place that people don't think of when they think of Peru...but yes, Lima has awesome touristy things like this too.
Here's a shot of the main cathedral in Cusco.  We got there the next day right at the outbreak of a massive parade.  But I think there's a parade pretty much every day in Cusco.
Here's our first day hiking.  Kevin was getting itchy to hike since he'd been sitting around for like six minutes and wanted to do a serious workout.  So we hiked up to the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, and then on to Q'enko, and then on up to Puca Pucara.  Here we stopped to take our picture with a guy dressed up as an Inca Sun God or something.
Here we are at some of the lower steps of Pisac.  From here the photos start getting really intense, so I think I'll give you a break for a few days before I show you any more (plus I have to sort through the 3,000 images I took).  As you can see, this was a totally awesome, mind blowing trip.  I'll get back to you all on the rest of it shortly!

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