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Ride to Wolf Creek This Saturday?

I already mentioned that the Woolly club is doing a ride on Saturday, Sept. 1st (free, fun ride).  Click here for more info!  This post is notable because I put the totally wrong date on it when I first mentioned it.  I made this mistake, even though the correct date is listed in the posted text below...grrrr.  This is the problem with getting old.  First of all, you can't remember anything right, second of all you wander around tired all the time, going from room to room only to stop and think, "Now what did I come in here for?"  Anyway, I corrected the error and the ride is now correctly listed for Saturday, Sept. 1st.

However, if you happen to be a roadie, there will be other riding options for St. Croix Falls this weekend.  Generally we like to head up River Road to Wolf Creek, eat a pizza, and ride back.  This ride is super casual unless Ryan or Jeff come along and push the pace up to 23 miles an hour.  If it's just me I like to average 15 or so.  Well...having a group of people along always inspires you to go faster.  That's the whole point of riding in a group.

Usually what happens on Saturday is we leave the clubhouse in Osceola around 9:30 or 10, and head up to the shop, then we hang around there for a while and leave maybe at 11.  So if you're in the area and you feel like joining us for a bike ride, head to the CyclovaXC shop.  Or just head out down River Road and meet us at Wolf's Creek.  Anything works.  Satudray should be just a long day of riding around and enjoying life.  If it's hot, we might even stop for a dip in Lion's Park.  Hope to see you all out on the road!

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