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The Cyclova XC "Conspirators" at The Gravel Conspiracy

The Gravel Conspiracy is a rugged 3 day, 290 mile, tough guy ride in the Boundary Waters / North Shore area of MN.   Did I mention it's almost entirely on unpaved surfaces?  Photo credit to Joshua Stamper.

There has been a certain buzz at Cyclova XC and among our race team about something called the Gravel Conspiracy for much of 2012.  I first learned of this event while sipping a Rhinelander Stubby beer (that stuff tastes better when it's cold out) out in the silent winter woods on a Snow Bike ride with Joshua Stamper and David Gabrys last winter.  Dave & I told Josh that this event sounded great, and that we were in on the spot!

The Gravel Conspiracy is a generally unsupported ride beginning in Grand Marais, meandering to Ely, and back over 3 days on gravel roads, ATV trails, and moose tracks.  3 days & 290 miles - with the longest day being 125 miles.  You bring your own water, food, and gear.  No one is coming to get you if you bonk - only the wolves.  If you have a mechanical issue, you fix it.  In short, serious business.  The only luxury will be the fact that a truck will be hauling camping gear for everyone - from stop to stop.  

Following are screen shots of the courses - day by day:

Stage 1:  From Grand Marais, MN to East Bearskin Lake.  50 mile warm up.  Photo Credit to Joshua Stamper

Stage 2:  East Bearskin Lake to Ely, MN.  125 miles.  Photo Credit to Joshua Stamper

Stage 3:  Ely to Grand Marais, MN.  115 miles.  Photo credit to Joshua Stamper.

Cyclova XC & the Woolly Crew have a group of 8 hearty gentlemen who will be co-conspirators:
Daniel Knoblauch
Frank Lundeen
David Gabrys
Tyler Prahl
Jeff Evans
Dallas Wynne
Mark Fisk
Keith Velaski

This is going to be an epic adventure on bicycles!  Stay tuned to CyclovaXC.com for more on our team's final preparations and the gear that we plan on packing with!  Also, stay tuned to the Gravel Conspiracy Blog for the official scoop on the event!

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