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We had another epic blast of a weekend in Osceola/St. Croix!  Once again it was this massive ordeal just getting there because my car chewed up its clutch and spit it out.  However that's a blessing in disguise because it means I have to bike everywhere I go.  That's awesome because you're not biking for recreation, you're actually using your bicycle as a means of transport, which is much cheaper and better than driving.

The thing is, if you're riding your bicycle 90 miles a day, all you're really thinking about is where you can make your next stop and get your next bottle of gatorade.  You literally flush GALLONS of water through your body, which has to be good for you (kind of like periodically switching the water in your fish tank).

This weekend, the big event was a 40 mile ride from Osceola to Wolf's Creek.  It was supposed to be mellow, but we brought Ryan and Ted along and those guys get jumpy if the speedometer drops below 22 or so.  At the end of the ride, we jumped into the river at Lion's park which is absolutely fantastic.

Back at the clubhouse, we played Sapo, Badminton and finished off by watching "Idiocracy!"  Sofia wasn't around, unfortunately, but I snapped the above shot a few days earlier in our yard.

Remember folks, next weekend we'll be starting the party early with LATIN DANCE NIGHT on Thursday, August 9th, followed by a weekend of awesomeness.  Make sure you're in the area, Sofia's going to be there!

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