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2012 Cyclova XC Tour de Taste 35 Mile Ride

On October 1, 2011, the Cyclova XC bike and ski shop opened our doors - and celebrated with the first annual Tour de Taste.  The Tour de Taste is a celebration of cycling, fall colors, and the finest culinary delights in the St. Croix River Valley.

In 2012 Cyclova XC is celebrating our 1 year anniversary by hosting the 2nd annual Tour de Taste (and the Classic Mammoth Gravel for the more hearty).


Registration:  Beginning at 8AM on Sunday, October 7, 2012, registration will be at Cyclova XC Bike Shop in downtown St. Croix Falls, WI.  While there is no entry fee for this event, there will be a mandatory $5 (cash only) Gandy Dancer Trail Use permit, that all riders will be required to purchase.  Along with this, all riders must fill out the event waiver.  As a perk, everyone who signs a waiver, will receive a wrist band entitling them to a free Octoberfest Pint Glass at The Wineries and Grille, as well as food and drink specials at a variety of wineries, bars, and cafes in town! 

Bicycle Recommendation and Warning:  The Cyclova XC Tour de Taste course is suitable for any bicycle - ranging from a road bike with skinny tires to a mountain bike.  The crushed limestone surface which the majority of the course provides wonderful riding for any level of rider.  This 35 mile course is very flat, with a gradual climb for the first few miles of the course, and then a gradual descent toward the end.  Recreational riders will love this course!

Roll Out:  Both rides (35 mile Tour de Taste and the 70 mile Classic Mammoth Gravel) will roll out together from the Scenic Overlook in downtown St. Croix Falls - 1/2 block north of Cyclova XC.  The group roll out will be led by a Police Squad car up to the Polk County Info Center - which is where the event course turns on to the Gandy Dancer State Bike Trail.  

Once done with the roll out, the Tour de Taste course will follow a few miles of beautiful paved bike trails.
Northward:  From the Polk County Info Center, riders will enjoy about 3 miles of paved bicycle trail, followed by about 14 miles of beautiful crushed limestone surface on the Gandy Dancer State Trail.  

Cafe Wren and Turn Around Point:  All riders are welcome to stop for a refreshing break at beautiful Cafe Wren and purchase any refreshing drinks or food that they like.  From Cafe Wren, the Tour de Taste (short ride) will turn around and head back to St. Croix Falls on the Gandy Dancer Trail, while the Classic Mammoth Gravel will head west toward the Sand Barrons.

Once off of the pavement, Tour de Taste riders will enjoy the beautiful crushed limestone surface of the Gandy Dancer State Bike trail!
All Downhill to St. Croix Falls:  Cafe Wren is the high point (literally and figuratively) of the Tour de Taste Course, and riders will enjoy a gentle downhill roll back toward St. Croix Falls, with a fun descent back into the St. Croix River Valley over the final few miles.

Octoberfest:  All cyclists will be given a wrist band at registration, which will entitle you to food and drink specials at a variety of wineries, bars, and coffee shops in St. Croix Falls.  We encourage you to spend some quality time enjoying the pleasures of the valley with us after the ride!

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