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Congratulations Chequamegon Fat Tire Finishers (send me your photos)!

Sorry, this photo is not from the Chequamegon, it's from the Woolly ride which is coming up soon!
Hey Folks!

We just want to say congratulations to all those that completed the Chequamegon Fat Tire yesterday!  I've had some news trickling in but I don't have the full story yet!  Trust me, if I could get away and be at each and every one of these events with my camera, I'd do it.

Still, I know that many of you were there, and I'm sure you took some awesome photos, so please send them along to bj@cyclovaxc.com.  Lots of people are going to be psyched to see your images, and heck, isn't that what you bought an iphone for?  Also, shoot me an email with your personal race story if you're willing to share it.  Those of us who couldn't be there are dying to hear how it went.

A special congratulations to Stuart who managed to finish 86th!  Way to go, that's a huge achievement and the realization of a long held personal goal!

Again, great job everybody!  The Fat Tire is certainly one of the areas premier events and one of the reasons the fire burns in everybody's veins to get out there and ride!  Nice job!

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