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Jeff and Keith report on the Fat Tire

Here's Jeff with his Trek X-Caliber, which is a pretty solid ride for the Fat Tire.  The guy looks like he knows what he's doing right?  Can you believe that the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival was Jeff's FIRST EVER MT. BIKE RACE!!!  That's extreme man!  Although, all you have to do is pull on that sweet CyclovaXC jersey and you instantly have street cred!

I got a chance to chat with Jeff on Sunday after the race.  I was in the middle of over-inflating a tire because the tire slipped out of the rim as I was pumping it up and Jeff wrestled me to the floor because I was in the zone and I was denying that there was a problem.

"Stop it you maniac the whole thing's gonna blow!" Jeff screamed.

These are the types of slips you can have late in the day when you're exhausted.  Luckily there are no drill presses at the shop or I'd have accidentally put a hole through my brain long ago.

When I told Jeff that the fat tire course is the same as the Birkie course, his eyes lit up.  "You guys are maniacs, those hills are ridiculous!"

Yes they are...thus the awesomeness!

Anyway, I also got a report from Keith of the Woolly who said (via email), "Carson and I did the Short and Fat together. was able to hold him off at the end coming in 36th, while he came in 40th. We are pretty stoked about it!"

Congratulations on the top 40 finishes guys!  St. Croix Falls is replete with elite athletes!  I sent Keith some follow up questions so we'll see if I can pump some more information out of him.  In the mean time, here's another photo from Jeff:  Keep the photos coming guys (


  1. Ben

    You should see if Steve Tilford would give you an interview etc... 52 years old and top 10 this year.

    Mark Fisk

  2. I'll see what I can do there Mark, that's a good idea!