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Keith of the Woolly Comments on Chequamegon

I asked Keith to give me a write-up on the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival and he came through with flying colors.  I mentioned yesterday how he and Carson came in 36th and 40th (which is awesome).  Below is the rest of the story (by the way, check out the CyclovaXC rider toeing the front line at the far right of the above image, nice!).

The weather was PERFECT for racing. It was sunny and 60-70 during the race.

The point of me riding with Carson was to "work" for him. He did the Short n Fat last year; started at the ABSOLUTE back of the pack and ended up 115th (or so). So we hatched our plan to have Dad pull him for the majority of the race, but we also agreed that with 1 mile left to go, that all bets are off, and each man for himself. It turned out that the only time I actually "pulled" him was about the first 2 miles or so. Carson sat on my wheel as I constantly yelled" ON YER LEFT!!" and we passed hundreds of riders to put us in probably the top 75 or so. After that we just sort of rode together, and continued to pass people. Everyone we passed stayed behind us, and Carson was riding REALLY well. He was a natural in those rolling Birkie sections, powering into the bottom of the descents and carrying all that speed over the top of the next climb.

We had just finished chasing down one more rider when we turned onto the last gravel road section of the course. At that point I just put my head down and poured every last bit I had into those pedals. I looked back about a minute later and was surprised not to see him with me. I crossed the finish line less than a minute before he did. I am savoring this little "victory" over him while it lasts. He is fast, and he just keeps getting faster!

This was Carson's second Cheq. He is only 16, so he'll be in the Short and Fat a coupla more years. Fortunately for me, my youngest will turn 12 that same year that Carson can move up to the 40, so I expect to be riding the short race for a number of years to come.

I know that The Birkie is in my future. I am looking forward to getting into XC skiing with the help of you guys there at Cyclova. It seems a shame to live so close to so many kilometers of trails and not explore them!

The Woolly trails absolutely contributed to my overall fitness in getting ready for Cheq. A couple of hot laps of those trails gives you the full range of riding styles with everything from punchy climbs to some wide open drag strips for getting tempo work. 

I LOVE our trails!

We camped at The KOA in Hayward. It really is the perfect spot if you have your kids with you. Those boys of mine played HARD all day and well into the night. The customer service is excellent, and the wives took advantage of the short bike ride to The Turk's Inn for a couple of martinis.

Overall, it was one of the best Chequammy weekends I can remember in my almost 20 years of attending.

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