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Sunday River Road Ride

It was a great weekend of riding at St. Croix falls.  We ended up doing the River Road loop to Wolf Creek both Saturday and Sunday.  The ride itself isn't all that challenging, but with the weekend heat, I found myself pretty tired this morning.

From the shop to Wolf creek and back is just about 25 miles, which is a pleasant distance.  It's just far enough to make you feel like you've done something, but not so far that you're tired for the rest of the day.

The only hiccup was that there's a bit of a bump at the bottom of the first hill. They're doing some road work and they've ground away two sections which leave about an inch and a half gap of asphalt.  I didn't know this was there on the Saturday ride, and hit it kind of hard.  On the Sunday ride, I was annoying about giving out about a hundred warnings about the existence of the bump.  Those are the old teacher instincts kicking in.  Even when people are paying attention, you've got to say something a hundred times before the information kicks in.

My only worry was that Jeff was on a time trial bike and I thought that bump might be a bit much if he were down in his aero bars.  The last thing you want is a preventable crash on a Sunday ride.

We saw quite a few roller skiers out there on River Road this weekend.  There's plenty of biking season left, but it is also time to start thinking of skiing.  Every day we get a few more shipments of nordic equipment and clothing in at the shop.  Come on down and check it out!  And don't forget that the Bjorn Daehlie stuff is still there for a limited time.

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