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Woolly Race, Tour de Taste and Atomic Skintec Classical Skis

CyclovaXC with Martin Koukal in Peru

Hey Folks,

I hope you're having a wonderful fall!  Rollerski season is upon as as well as cyclocross and whatever your passion, I hope your training and racing is going well.

If you're looking for something to do, there are a whole bunch of races this weekend.  On Sunday there is the tremendous Woolly Mt. Bike Race in St. Croix Falls on the awesome St. Croix single track trails.  For more information click here (you can register online until 8 PM today--Thursday).  They're expecting a LOT Of participants, so if you don't want to race but want to participate, why not volunteer?  It's a blast spectating and being a corner marshal, and it's a great way to gain some brownie points with the Woolly club (who are all awesome people you should know).  Here's some more information about volunteering.  If you're looking to meet new people to ride with in St. Croix Falls, this is a great opportunity!

Saturday also has a race, the Deer Fly Chase in Bloomer (I put this one second because it's not in St. Croix Falls...which should be the priority, but take note the Deer Fly Chase happens first).  I'm on baby watch (we're 38 weeks pregnant and not comfortable getting too far from our doctor), so I won't be able to attend these events, but if you come to the Deer Fly Chase, call me up and we'll have lunch.

Also, put October 7th on your calendar because that is the day of the Tour de Taste!  Can you believe the CyclovaXC retail store has already been open for a year?  I can't!  When our anniversary rolls around on October 1st, you can expect some sentimental email from me where I recount how awesome it has been to train and race with all of the new people this crazy enterprise has allowed Frank and I to meet (but I'll spare you that for today).  Let me just say that it's been very rewarding to see and hear how each and every one of you approaches your preferential silent sport.  We're so glad to be a part of it!  Here's the awesome Tour de Taste flyer.
The Tour de Taste should provide a nice coda to the bicycle ski season, and we're already getting winter on the brain at the shop.  We're NOW ACCEPTING SKIS FOR STONEGRINDING (check out our pricing).  You can drop your skis off whenever, and although the first batch won't go through until sometime in October, we're pretty sure we'll have them ready for you before the snow falls.

Speaking of skis, we just received a shipment of the new Atomic Skintec waxless classical ski.  These things are awesome!  Instead of a noisy bunch of ridges on the base (that make your skis sound like a growling bear), they have a kind of Astro Turf base that works in all conditions:
The ski comes with two kick wax pockets that can be easily exchanged with a small tool (included).  This is a HIGH PERFORMANCE racing ski that allows you to get out and perform without having to get a Ph. D. in kick waxing.  This is a great ski for those St. Croix mountain bikers who have expressed a curiosity about skiing (guys like Keith, Mark, Stu and Lone Wolf come to mind...oh and THE MOUNTAIN too, these skis are for you).  I'm suggesting this ski instead of an entry level touring ski because knowing all your personalities, I KNOW you're all going to become addicted to skiing very soon and this ski is a MUST POSSESS for your quiver!

A lot of veteran skiers are always skeptical about the idea of a racing waxless classical ski.  But trust me, these skis are the real deal.  They're the skis that Martin Koukal used to win the Finlandia-hiihto last year (it's the other Worldloppet race that's on the same day as the Birkie).  Check out this awesome interview with Koukal about his win (you can clearly hear him mention that he raced on "waxless" skis):

Update:  Whoops, I think I misinterpreted this statement, upon further research I think Martin used the Atomic Worldcup classical ski but just didn't put any wax on it--still I stand by the Skintec recommendation because doing marathon length classical races without any kind of kick is NUTS!

Martin's an awesome guy, I had the opportunity to hike the Inca trail with him in 2011, check out the above photo in which I draped him with CyclovaXC logos (by the way, that's a vest, not a sleeveless jersey for those of you who are against the concept of a sleeveless jersey):

That's it for now!  Best wishes to the Woolly club, I know your race will be a tremendous success!

As for the rest of you...see you out on the trails!

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