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Only 1000 Spots Left in the Birkie

Hey Folks!

For those of you who are Mt. Bikers thinking of becoming cross-country skiers this year, it's IMPERATIVE that you sign up for the Birkie NOW!!!

Like the Fat Tire, the Birkie is semi-complicated to get into.  There are always more skiers than spots in the race.  Fortunately, unlike the Fat Tire, you're GUARANTEED a spot if you sign up early enough.

But that time is NOW because the Birkie is filling up fast.  According to their last newsletter, there are only 1,000 spots left.  So dust off your credit card, click here and register for the greatest cross-country ski race in the world!

Also, make sure you stop by the shop and pick up a copy of "Beyond Birkie Fever" which tells you everything you need to know about Cross-Country skiing.  Also, write a review of the book on amazon and get a free beer!

See you all at the Tour de Taste tomorrow!

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