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Place Your Orders for the CyclovaXC Ski Suit!

Hey Folks!

Well, it seems crazy to be talking about this already, but that chill in the air isn't going to go away anytime soon!  That's right, ski season is right around the corner, and I know there are a lot of you who want to upgrade to the BEST ski suit in the whole Birkie!  Well, your wait is over because I'm setting things up for the CyclovaXC ski suit re-order!

I have to get it going though because I want to make sure you have your suit in time for the Sisu race in Ironwood!

These suits are a specialty item and we pretty much only order as many as we're going to sell, so the only way to get them is by placing your pre-order.  Simply send me an email ( with the size you want and I'll put you on the spreadsheet and make sure a suit arrives for you.  The price is $165.  Yes, there are less expensive suits out there.  The reason this suit is more expensive is because it's got the superior  "Eyelet Mesh Fabric" (it looks like it has a bunch of dimples).  I've skied a lot of ski races and this is the BEST material I've ever used.  It keeps you warmer in the cold, and breathes better when you start warming up.  Honestly, after pulling this suit on, I will never pull on an inferior one ever again.  What's not to like about being warm and comfortable?

We aren't eligible for a sizing kit since this is a reorder, but this suit will fit pretty much like your bike jersey.  Remember that you will probably want a little bit of extra space under your jersey for a thermal top, so if your bike jersey is a tight fit, you might want to go a size bigger for the ski suit.  We can also do tall sizes, but that will incur an additional cost (I'll have a quote from you from Mt. Borah if you order, it will probably be around $10 more).

I'll be putting in the order with Mt. Borah on Friday, October 12th, so please get your sizes and quantities in to me!

Come ski with us!!!

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